Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When You Think That Luck is Within Your Reach

Life is bad.
Not really going well or at least not that i expected this is the outcome.

Bad results...

Sucky friends, or at least i thought that they were my friends...

Saw a RM 10 note the other day at the side walk of the toll but unfortunately i can't possibly just get down of the car in the middle of the road just for that RM 10. And so i ended up looking that note flying up and down the road each time a car passes by and kept on rolling till it was out of sight. I wonder who ever that is so lucky to take that note.. when it could have been mine. Guess that it was not meant for me.

Was in the train just now.
And yes, i saw someone with something that inspired me to write this blog.
I saw a lady that wore like tomboy. And so i was like " Might be lesbo so better not look at her and keep away from her."
When i glance at her another hand, one was used to hold onto the pole so that she can balance herself standing in a moving train, that right hand of her was a fake. Fake as in the hands of those doll models that we usually see at shopping complexes. That kinda scared me at first because i have not seen something like that before with my very own eyes. And then i start to pity her, thinking that they are much more people out there suffer their ass off each day just to make ends meet for them as well as their family. And yet, me, have everything that i ever wanted but the only hard thing that i need to do serious pleading. If that is an obstacle for me to have everything my way, then what about others??! Then i realized, i am so blessed.
She got two hands but only one is usable. Just when you thought you had that luck...

When i got down from the train, i saw this lady that is so fat that she is almost 4 times of my size.
Can't really balance herself nicely and was shoving her way slowly through the crowd to the exit while all dirty looks were thrown to her and i could even hear some people making fun of her.
Please leave her alone.
She might not want it to be that way and some people might have had this disease in which they have swollen muscles or they have problems with their lymphatic system.
I felt so sorry for her and yet she is trying to live her day happily and me, grumble every single time i put on a kilo.

I guess everyone has their own story to tell huh when they are asked or questioned.
Not forgetting those faithful beggars that roamed around the train station everyday.
It is not that they are lazy or they enjoy begging for money, they really have no other way than to disgrace their own diginity by being a beggar so that they could also make ends meet for their family.
So please, don't just ignore them, give them a few cents and it will really help them a lot. And lay your stupid mouth from them la, don't go bad mouthing them or caci them.
I am so sure that they have no other way but of that.

Lesson learnt:
Be satisfy with what we have and always look around us and ponder what we can do to help them instead of talking and doing nothing. No matter how much we dislike them or someone, we should always learn to forgive and forget and let time wash away everything. Be grateful to God and wish Him a very good day every morning and think of Him in everything and decision to make.
Let your love ones know that you love them and appreciate them.


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