Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ass All Of You Guys!!!!

I don't fucking care about what you all think about me or what you all want to say about me anymore but please la, can we stop this fucking quarrel?!
It happened accidentally and we all don't even know the course.
By the way, that anonymous shit is not me because i wouldn't do such things like scolding or bad mouthing people and then hide my identity or change my blog's link.. And i don't even have it ok~
Can't we just make up and be like last time?
Don't you all feel tired? Hating each other every day at school, bad mouthing here and there, acting stupid and try to attract other's attentions.

If you really so dont like that girl that you meant in your blog then you should go up to her and voice it out and tell her and sort that fucking shit out!!!
Why make all people hate that girl and then bad mouth her??
Why do you even spread things that aren't true???
I know what you said to that girl about me before, and please la don't you think that is a bit too childish for a 1989 years people like you?? Can't you be more mature in mind because it is no use to be all big and tall but have a tiny brain that can't even analyze a situation and be a good example to all younger friends.!!!

Do you think that it is very mature and manly of you to tell almost the whole world about how many girls that you have fuck before? To tell you the truth, that is disgusting!!! Not that i am not open-minded and all those crap shit but as a christian, you should repent and forget, not that you repent and be proud that you have done it before... Are you even a real christian in heart?? Or it is just a say say...??! Think that over will you?
God gave you brains to think and not used it to brainwash others to the devil's path!
That is so not cool and please la~ That makes us hate you more.. We don't hate the others.. But we hate YOU!!! Yes.. YOU, the 1989 dude!!!
Heck i don't care you all read this lo~ I really cant stand it anymore and if you have anything to say about this blog, please come up front and say it to my face, don't talk behind back.. You all got balls ma, so sure have guts lo right??

But i bet you don't have after all the wrecking that you did to our group!!!
That couple is so none of your business, neither is ours.. So my advice is you better lay your hands off them, or in your case, your babi shit mouth!! Dont try to wreck other people's relationship when you had wreck your own. Asking the groom to leave the bride and to find another... that is really the most bullshit and wtf thing i have ever heard in my life before!! Do you think that the groom would do that no matter how you poison his mind? If he would, he wouldn't hang on to that girl for 2 years ++ la ok~
And open your blooody eyes la you fuck, Didn't you notice that this bride's attitude changed a lot??! It is you who have gone from bad to worse!!

And please don't always boast la~
No money then say no money la~ why going all around telling people stories and make it sounds like you are so filthy rich?
If you are what you say, then you should have forked out that sum of money to get yourselves a roof and at the same time end up all those nonsense.
Anyhow anywho.....
Please stop everything and i really meant it because i would really take action if you don't no matter you are attacking me or my friends and i will see to that.
And to those that don't know clearly what has happened and to those that don't bloody care about this group or friendship, please bloody pretend not reading this and keep your fucking mouth shut and ignore because you wouldn't want to get involved.
And to those that think that we are over doing things, heck, i don't bloody care what you think of what we did because you did not treat them as your friends and you are a bloody selfish human and that is obvious. You know who you are when ure reading this.


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