Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Swim Swim Swim and Get Lost Before That...

Planned to go swimming today and so we did.
But.. I need to go to Kepong to swim. Lolx... Because i need someone to train me..
Cut the crap short...
Took the ktm blurly and just follow the instructions given by the lady.
I thought that i would got off after 2 or 3 stops because it was much cheaper when i head back home.
So sat in the train after the 2nd stop, which is not my stop, i start camwhoring people all around me and this is the best la~ all normal only la~ sleeping and all lo.. Except for this negro.. Dont know what he doing la...

Like headache only or praying??Lolx!!

Then i got down when the train announced Kepong Station. I wanted to go to Kepong Sentral. So i was like " Is Kepong station, Kepong Sentral??"
Then i decided to ask another negro fella beside me and he said yes and so this blur but cute girl got off*huahahah*
And got lost because i found out that there are two different station with different name. sweat!! Why did not tell me earlier??!!!
So i took some pictures lo when waiting for my friend to come find me...Lolx!!

Don't know what the heck is this la but it is some tree with some unedible looking fruits hanging on it.

And a picture of me scared and lost and loving the day light all at the same time.^^

She came around 5 minutes later and so drove to the swimming destination. And i violated her dog's privacy...Lolx

Reach there and swam for almost 2 hour and at least dare to swim by myself abit.
Then got ourselves ready and headed to college. Camwhored while waiting the rest.

Me and Yong En

Not forgetting myself while waiting for them!! Lolx!! Lame.. I look so pale...=.=

Then went and had KFC and within minutes, all that is left is this...

Was then late for half an hour for class but we still went in and luckily teacher did not say anything.
His class is so bored that all of us weren't listening instead, we were all playing games with our fone and i was camwhoring like no body's business.

Some one got caught red handed for not listening and gaming!! Lolx!!

Ish!! It has been raining cats and dogs for the past 2 weeks now and it usually rains in the evening and sometimes through out the whole night. I went back by myself today and was happy when the class representative announced that the very late class was canceled due to that teacher unability to come because it is raining and Kl jams like hell! That is so fucking true!!!

What i hate most about rain is that i have to use and umbrella which i loathe to take, i will definitely immerse my feet into puddles of water while i walk and splashes on my feet those dirty rain water. Then i have to walk steathily to avoid direct immerse and "spa" my feet!! It rained like cats and dogs once again today and today's rain started early and lasted the longest. And no doubt, Kl jams like shit!!! Heck you Kl!!!

Which picture illustrates better to the fact that i want to show that it rain heavily and it jam like hell??!!
The second one i think~~
Haiz~~ Kl memang BOLEH!!


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