Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Is Here!

Halloween is my thing!!
I like spooky stuffs and being spooky or get spooked! Lolx!
Although they don't celebrate it here in Malaysia, i still can feel the want-ness of Malaysians to celebrate this day.

The reason i say this is because, this radio station kept saying things like
"On this Halloween day, we are going to play a lot of spooky songs.."
Things like that la~ Then he ended up playing songs sang by...

Yess~ They say Rihanna is spooky?!
This is the "most" spooky picture that i can get of her.
How dare they say her spooky!!
They also played songs sang by Amy Winehouse in which i do think that she is very spooky, spooky enough to make kids wet their pants!!!xp

Woot!!! Now this is spooky!!!
Like witch weh!! Lolx!!

And the best thing is they are airing Michael Jackson's "Thriller".


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