Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Break It!

I break my own record lo~
And that is i did not go online for one whole day yesterday. Was actually not in the mood for it la~ Was actually tired and wants to sleep the whole day.
I think that is because my bodd has not grown custom yet to the old rushing to college thing after 2 weeks of laze-ing around and eat good meals every hour. So my bodd got all worn out on the day that i have got no class.

Got church again tomorrow and am on duty in charge of toddlers.
Shit lo~ I actually missed one duty leh~ So paiseh lo now, tomorrow have to go say sorry. I did not missed it on purpose la hor~ Don't misunderstood. I did not get my timetable and that is why. Blame it to someone that is in charge of that la hor~ Not me ok~*smiles innocently*
Tomrrow go play with babies again.
Probably will get my China new phone by next week! So dang exited lo~
My first China phone leh~ I siow weh~ Exited over China phone! Lolz~ No la~ Because i have not own a China made thing before la so yea~ Something new and that makes me exited and goes all goo goo~^^
I want to be the best camwhore around*again* when i got my new China 2.0 Mp phone! Lolz~ Got 3 G some more leh~ And all that for mere Rm 400. So cheap right!! Hahahah~ I am so aunty!

China phone not good also i don't care la~ If you buy expensive like shit phones and it caught other people's attention and the next minute it is gone also not use what right! If my China phone kena curi, i also won't care la because it is bloody cheap what~ I block all people's contradiction towards China phone. Hehehe~
My China phone is N77 leh~ Lolz~ I have not heard that before lo~ But i don't care! Lolz~

Wah~ Canon got new camera weh~ And it is so bloody cute!! Me... not a fan of pink.. fell in love with this baby pink camera~ Kawaii neh~~

So cute right!!!!
yeoh~ wish i got more money and i am going to buy this babe~ I want the pinky dolly one!! Lol~
First time i see Canon came out with such cute ones.. All their old model are either black or silver, Al though i am a black fanatic but it seems kind of bored la till i saw this cute ones~ Lolz~
So fickle minded right~ But thatz me!!*winks*


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