Thursday, October 9, 2008

Free Time = No Free Time

The first week of second semester has ended in a blink of an eye and i kinda feel that we are starting to head to the lazy face and are in the last-minute mood. Well~ I am saying myself of course. Lolz~
Tomorrow is yet another free day and we are so damn lucky man, my group got back the same free day as last semester and that is no school Friday onwards.. Till Monday. We are so lucky right??!
Some groups even need to go on Friday and only for like a single 2 hours class.. So kecian and waste of their time lo~

Hm~ Starting to get busy again lo even though we got no class for 3 days till the following week.
All i need to do now is rush, rush, rush, and yea~~More rushing... Which is great though, keeps me alert and gives me things to do instead of lying around in the house gaining fats!! Lolz~
Got a lot of assignments, I knew it la~
For BM, have to present and do coursework leh~ First time i heard of it~ But luckily it is in a group.. But we kinda need to prepare a lot of things lo.. Survey forms and shits.=.=
As for English, wee~ a lot of things to kau tim. Got individual presentation, group presentation, do summary...
By the way~ My group have selected CAPITAL PUNISHMENT SHOULD BE ABOLISHED. And we are asked to do it in a forum kinda thing.. We are to say whether to agree to that or vice versa. So~~ Whoever reads my blog please feel free to give some opinion.. COMMENT THIS!!

We really really do need some help~ Maybe Vialentino~ You can help me out?? Lolz~

My blogs are getting real short this days because i only blog about my things in college and nothing of my opinion or feelings la~
I only need to say that my Accounting teacher SUCKX! SUCKXX like SHITs!!


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