Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Puppy in College!!

I was in Paddington Bear town(train) today! Lolx!

Ok~ Can't see because i was in the train as early as 6.30 this morning and was under the tunnel.. so bad lighting la yea~
The whole train is filled with Paddington Bear pictures lo... So cute weh~ First time i see they decorate it that way.. *HEARTS*^^

Then Bla bla.. classes.. and more and more..
Then when we are done with our lunch, while we was walking to our next class, we saw a few girls squatting at one side feeding a dog.
What more.. Quickly went over and kepoh la~Tsk tsk..
The dog is all black in color and has blue eyes and was eating Iko biscuits.Lolx!

Wah!! So disappointed weh!!
All can't see clearly and it is not from my fone ok~
May Kheng.. Your fone not good lo~
Mine better except that i did not save it when i took it!! Sweat!!
No body was able to help out to bring this pup home and when we inch an inch closer, the pup will go behind till the end of the cliff(floor) like want to bunuh diri. Metaphorically saying, We can even get close to it let alone pat it.

Then go to class..
So freaking bored la~
See what my friends did!! Lolx!!

Dengan Nyenyaknya..
I forgot to rotate.. Lolx!! Oh well~~

Last but not least, pose like Rain for me!! Huahahahahhahahaha~~


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