Saturday, October 4, 2008

Can't Wait!

Today is the second last day that i am ever going to enjoy my semester break boring holiday. I really can't wait to get back to the life where it was everything about hectic, rushing just to make sure that i don't miss that train, draining with sweats due to the hot weathers, losing weight due to improper meals *better than gaining weight right!!*.
I miss being blur and all lost in the big college.. It is big for a blur case of recognizing road people like me.
Kind of miss rushing to each classes and having long breaks in between and just hanging around the canteen with my peeps.
Wee~ I really do miss that cold morning on the miserably cold air-conditioned LRT and Monorels. Yea~ I am crazy~I know that the day i was born.*chuckles*

I am really really thrilled to the fact that for this semester, we are having Bahasa Melayu as one of our unit!! ^^
I really felt left out and kind of disappointed to the fact that the previous semester, that unit was only for those that does not have credit for that subject. And that really reminds me of the peralihan class system that they had during my secondary for those poor in that language students... Well~ Mainly for chinese educated primary students la~
Then, i realized~ No matter at what stage of studies we are in~ The concept, Malaysians concept of education is the same~ Roughly~=p
Bahasa Melayu will always be the most important language~ On the second thought.. Since we are a united nation of 3 biggest race, which are Malays, Chinese and Indians... Shouldn't we pay attention to all 3 languages and implement that all 3 languages must be taught at schools??
Ok~ That was just a thought.. Don't ISA me!! Lolz! I don't even dare to put that in big for fear of in trouble!! Lolz! Not really mucha of freedom this days huh??~

Anywayy~ Real exited about ending breaks and start to hit the ground hard and put my big fat ass to work, probably my fat brains, to score better next semester!! HUHU~

PS: Going to join the DANCING CLUB at TARC.


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