Saturday, July 12, 2008

What A Day~

Today was my first day to work and surely everyone expect it to be fun and not that boring(at least).Was told to go find Ms.Visin Chong when i reach Watson Sungai Wang.I was there an hour early so i went for a stroll and ended up walking 2-3 rounds on each floor and the time wasn't even 11 yet.So decided to declare earlier la because i thought that i will need to learn alot of things like where is the stock room,how do i go about when i am working like what must i be doing and what i must not do...WELL...At least some one will be there to brief me la and not leave me alone there trying to figure my way out in a weird place(watson is a weird place for me!).After all the hu ha of not letting me start work because no identification card and to the end point is i started work in a very blur manner.
Saw the booth was so unrun/run down,totally shock me as i have never been a promoter before and quickly called Eugene and informed him.3 Hours later,he arrived with another guy which i don't know who it was but he only notice me when he turned to leave and smiled to me and say "Happy working!"!!Is it just me or that sounds like sarcasm!!!Darn it!It is really hard/a heavy burden for me to sell something that i am unfamiliar with and something that cost so much and whatever we used to guarantee customer,still the percentage to prevail is higher.And this product is so new and to tell the truth,no one really ever cared how to take care of eyes,what will happen if you do this to your eyes and all those la.
As for today,i only managed to talk and to explain to 5-6 customers and only 3 of them are interested...interested in TRYING.Then say thank you and leave.Haiz!Nevertheless,as expected,there is no hot hunks in Watson.By the way,what would a hot hunk do in Watson??!!What am i talking!!Ha ha...But there's this cute guy who works at the pharmacy in Watson and he was really cute but he got a lame name called Simon.Ha ha...He looks cute and i caught him a few times tried to walk near to my booth and intended to talk to me but he does not have enough of courage(i think...) and he just walk back to his counter and sat there and would let out a loud HAIZ before settling down.Ha ha ha ha~funny people!!Then there's this guy named Mustafa and he can speak mandarin and was like keeping an eye on me the whole time and would wink at me when i caught him looking at me!!What the!!!So i ended up looking at this which is infront of my booth:
Tea Light Candle (100's)
NM P:RM15.90

And also a whole pile of white table candles(i think they wrote wrongly bout the tea light)each pack into a pack of 100's!!What the heck la,who would want to buy so much candle at one go and it is not that they will be having candle light dinner for the rest of 4-5 months!!Then there this Thailand guy(very cute too)stopped and was shocked and said "woah!!too much,what am i going to do with 100 candles!!" in Thai and i was giggling behind and he turn to look and said "my girlfriend would be bored with candle light for the rest of her life!!" Ha ha ha~well said!!Watson people are so dumb!!Then there's this Ang Mo Nang mother with his teen son and he should be around my age and he kept looking and staring at me even though he had left my booth after his mother came to my booth looking for mosquito repellent!!Ha ha ha ha~~!Then at last i gave him a sweet smile and he was overwhelmed and kept near by my booth for well around 15minutes and tried my stuffs(but did not buy!) and helped me pack it back.And the mother said i was lovely!!xp

Sarah would be so jealous after reading this!!Ha ha ha ha~this is what happened to me today and surrounded by snobbish and unhelpful people except for the non-Malays!And then i went back with Hui Joo by his boyfriend's car and she look so blissfully happy with her new boyfriend and this guy obviously love her a lot to have come all the way from Kepong to Sungai Wang and just to fetch her home!!It's so sweet!!Then there and then,the loneliness that i once felt creep ed back to me again and the longing too~Haiz~whatever!!Tomorrow am and are going to go and stand like a fool for another 8 hours and please by god's grace,LET ME SELL SOMETHING!!

Jesus love you and i love you too.


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