Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today is SO~ Posh!! (^v^)

Today can be categorized as the most posh day i had ever had since for the last 4 months!And that is to go shopping without any disturbances and no one to hurry me in my quest of clothes lack~*Laugh out loud* And the best part is that we(me and Ame)went to 3 places in one day and during the 5 hour period of time.Ain't we the happiest and most contented girls for today,Ame?!!Well,i sure do!!Huahahaha~we went to

Yeah,those that live near TARC would know this place and it is none other than the Alpha Angle Jaya Jusco.I was hoping that they are having their monthly BIG SALES!But to my great disappointment,they weren't having that and the clothes there(was in a quest for formal clothes)weren't as nice as how it was last time and to me it was kind of nice to have a stroll there with Yong En and Amelia.Had a great time with Yong En because she is so sweet and kind enough to teman us there while waiting for her next class.Later on took a bus and mono rel to the next shopping destination!Lolz~

YES,it is none other than SUNGAI WANG!!This is like a paradise of cheap and worthwhile things place if and only if you put extra effort to strain and walk your legs and take time to browse!Ha ha~I managed to buy a short pants here and it only worth rm12 and this was also after a stunning discount of 70% from rm39.90(the ori price is ard cheap enuf!!).Without anything said,i brought that pants after one try without even giving it a thought because i would so regret it if i did not saw that pants hanging there in the back!And it is a beige white kind of color and i love the rough material of that pants.Amelia on the other hand went crazy when she saw a mini jeans skirt which she wanted for so long which only cost her rm29.00!!!Isn't that a stunning price which makes you want to go there to get one yourself NOW!Ha ha~That shop was a darling of worthwhile clothes(oh my gawd,im such an aunty!!)Lolz!!Was actually finding my formal skirt and this Amelia ended up buying more things than me!That was really funny!!Guess that i am much much more pickier than her and how dare she claim to be picky when she bought herself a mini jeans skirt,a pair of shoes worth rm18,a purse for her sister,a manicure mini set from JJ.And me,a pair of pants,a callus remover thing from JJ too,some blusher for my mum(it ended up i am buying more things for my mum!!!T.T)
Was skirt hunting at the end and we pick a formal and straight cut skirt for me and i tried it out and the price is reasonable for a skirt of that material,rm29.90!Tried it out but it turns out that they do not have my size which is M,and they gave me a bigger size instead and i wasn't really flatter with that and ended up not buying a single formal thing for my presentation!Which is the "theme"for today's shopping!!Lolz~Then when it was nearly to 5p.m,we walk back to Times Square to wait for our respective "chauffeur"*giggle*to bring us back home!!Lolz!
I am now so dead and i think i will be borrowing my mother's formal clothes for my next week's upcoming presentation and i am such a last minute person!!Ha ha ha~But i really had a great day shopping today as not even a single minute is wasted and every minute of it was spend on trying on clothes and throwing them back to the furious seller when we decided that we are not going to buy instead just want to have a try!!Lolz~~Well~~thatz US!!Is so great and really looking forward to another shopping spree with you Amelia because you give good advice and we do have the same taste and we say what we want to say!!LolZ~~xp

Jesus love you and i love you too.


VivianNg said...

so fun leh! hehe
i long time din go shopping d...haiz..
Eh...i havent shop wit u before eh..
one day we should go shopping together.

ViCkY@Victoria said...

yea lo!!aite!!hahaha~

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