Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bad ManagementSS

Was..WAS~~In a very good mood today because everything started well and all was in my favor.The train station,the morning classes,the lecturer's behavior...all was great today and it looks like everyone had a fine day to start with and to carry it out through the whole day.
So decided to pay a visit to the SBS office hoping to get back my suppose already certified IC because it had been 2 days now.The moment i saw the piles and heaps of unclaimed certified documents,my blood boils!!The whole problem is that the workers there are too lazy to separate those old documents away from the new documents,so they just chucked everything into the same pile of papers in to a what seems like a box to them but not to me!Was half way through and was rummaging through every single paperSS and i really can't stand it,so went and asked for more help on this matter as i am in need of those stuffs.Then without a warning,i was replied to what seems like an insult to me than giving a hand to solve my matter!I mean~that is what they are paid for rite?With OUR parents money!!To solve the students problems!But NO~that was a big no~they just sit around in the office WATCHING,watching i am telling you,students trying to figure out a way themselves in that already so cramped office!!And the odor there,i am telling you~~STAY AWAY!!
Then went to the Administration block to get more of what i wanted in order to complete a submission form.Got the same treatment as in the office!Whaada~~What is wrong with those in the office?!!Why all so cranky!!If feel that this job is unsuitable for you then don't continue working la,don't ever give me those SHITTY looks again!!I could have slap that lady right on the face if she weren't standing behind the counter!She even busied body herself with my own private documents!!That was so not professional at all!I am indeed very disappointed with TARC to employed such no manners,so unprofessional,poor English command workers!It will be such a big humiliation when this kind of bad management are leak out to the world outside!!
On to the bright side,i went for some window shopping just now in search for some formal clothes for my presentation.Saw a few that is quite okay but have not try it out yet so the good news is,~I am going to go shopping again tomorrow!!Huahaha~

Jesus loves you and i love you too.


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