Monday, January 24, 2011

New Changes

After a year or two of pouring out my hearts into word's form and jotting down all important events that I want to remember, I've finally feel 'disgusted' of what I read or see here, an I need a new start.

Thus, to anyone that drops by here, PLEASE please do revert/go to    

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This is Life

Been slaving off at work half of my 2010 because I don't excel in my study, or should I say, the course that I've chose. And I've always wanted a dog's life, which goes like this...

This is probably the happiest dog ever alive wtf



I'm giving myself one week off before starting on my new job again.. Will not reveal with whom I'm working with, now but maybe later :) Some close friends might have known cause I told wtf..
Till then, I'm gonna wake up when I wake up, eat whenever I feel like eating and shop whenever I feel bored which most of the time is wtf.

This is life ;)
Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Christmas 2010

I've celebrated it quite differently this year instead of the annual going to church with my family and watched Christmas production, in which they practiced 6 months before. Woah! Talk about commitment, the one thing that I've lost :(

My Christmas this year 2010 was celebrated plainly with the boyfriend, friends, boyfriend and friends. I know... being the stickiest girlfriend on planet :P and eve was celebrated at Samuel's Uncle's place, Uncle Tek Beng :) First time celebrating it with boyfriend's family wtf gancheongs...

The table filled with good food and relatives of Sam's :)

Sam's dad, my father-in-law wtfwtf! Lol! 
Thank you for letting me join :D

Us! *hearts*
Oh.. I went there ugly wtf 

The platter of fruits. Was so full that I can't lay my hands on this *sad face*

After eating, we just sat in the living room which Uncle Tek Beng made it like a surround system room wtf it was actually quite awesome and I really love sitting there and watching Christmas shows. But it got kinda bored when the host talks and talks, thus I took artsy shots :P

Sam's wine. Wine, my new found love :)

yea I very loser like that because that was my drink :( I don't like full bodied wine, it tasted yucks.

And Uncle Teck Beng has 2 dogs!! *squeals* One Pekingnese and another is a Shih Tzu. I know... what a choice lol!
So, meet Jester! The dog that humped me and tried to fuck me wtfwtf!


2010 was a great year for me, loads of changes, surprises... loads of crying, laughing, stoning... met loads of people, got disappointed by them... Technically my 2010 was life-changing. I lose in my studies, found myself loads of random jobs, lost a few friends, gain a few more, got abandon by some and some got abandon by me, lost my lover and then gained back the Lover :) .. Hear ye Hear ye, I'm all prep up for 2011!

I've already got traveling plans for 2011 :) This is also probably would be my last year working, cause I really miss studying. So, here I am wishing all of you a very happy and merry 2011 to come! *hearts all*
Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sushi Zanmai and Gulliver's Travels

Slept in on a Sunday morning and an impromptu plan was suggested that me, Samuel and our friend to go chill out together before heading to another friend's house for Christmas party open house :) So I woke up feeling a lil' excited that we're not gonna stay in the whole day playing Facebook and Twitter, I camwhore a lil' too much :P It has been so long since I've got the mojo to do so... I think I'm getting old and boring wtf.

obligatory sial, this picture :P

Took like 5 minutes to get ready and yes, we're that Chinese cause we don't bathe in the morning because we think that we smell awesome when we wake up. Technically we did smell kinda awesome cause we bathe like 3 a.m in the morning the day before then we slept like pigs the next day :P

And we're out!
We went Sunway Pyramid.

Should have guessed it, as we turned into the parking lot, Samuel and I sang 'Jingle Bells' wtf to thank God of our 'fortune' wtf hahaha!

Wow! This is why I 'love' Malaysia. Every one got no where to go but to shopping malls and then not contributing to the economy, unlike me who'd probably contribute like 80% of the economy's saving, avoiding it to become inflasi sifar wtf. #justsaying

And then, he got frustrated with the jam,


And I was so happy that I took more pictures, a.k.a the ones below :P :)

:D I love my nail colors!

LOL! Emo sudah :P

While I was still shiok sendiri-ing, I turned and I saw this fella wanting to be a part of my rendezvous too! Lol..


After what seemed like a 15 minutes of turning here and there, searching high and low for a parking, Samuel settled down with an illegal one (wtf) hahaha! and here comes Zanmai! *om noms noms*


Yay to Chung who suggested Zanmai! Ini kawan, saya *heart* heheehe

Okay... I ordered like damn a lot and then I can't finish em' all wtf. This always happens to me whenever I get sushi meals *shys* 

My Japanese Curry Rice with Chicken :)

Chung's Curry Katsu Rice 


Yummy platters!!! Ahh... I feel like eating sushi again now!

Of all the many many pictures I took that day, this is the best of em' all :P

He finally got his right bowl of LARGE Udon :) Thus the happiness face wtfwtf.

Gulliver's Travels is kinda funny, I think but I wouldn't woo anyone to go watch it. You can buy a DVD if you really want to know what is the story about. The princess is kinda dumb though, the princess from Liliput wtf technically everyone there is weird lol! "Do not kidnap me... ahhh I'm kidnapped, save me!" wtf when all she did was ran out of her room and stand there telling the other not to kidnap her and sigh when she got kidnapped haha wtf I feel like slapping her :P

Thing is, Gulliver's Travels is a no need to watch la... Boils your blood a bit to spend RM14 for a movie that it kinda midfucking but stupid at the same time :)

MIST Worthy

To show you all how a clubber I am who enjoys dancing more than drinking,

I'm so MIST worthy now.

That my mom found this picture on their MSN's "Going Out" section,
Hmm... Maybe it's not such a good idea after all to offer random photogs to take our pictures when they asked. This isn't scandalous, I think I had one which I was grinding girls, at MIST as well. wtf. Please don't be on MSN. Amen.
Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Christmas Eve!

A day to self prepare to be all jolly molly, eat loads of turkey, drinks loads of sparkling wine, stuff your face with more turkeys/gingerbread man/candies etc etc till you lai si (stomach ache) wtf. This is also the best 2 days of my entire year (Seriously) the days that I've been waiting and anticipating.
Woke up in the morning and seeing all those morning wishes and Merry Christmas Eve's wishes really makes me all happy and woozy and warm inside :) Being a avid social net user, be it through Facebook or Twitter or Blog, all those wishes that I've read through my BlackBerry while I'm on my way to work makes me feel like we're all celebrating Christmas together!

To have moved out due to work this year, I will be celebrating Eve differently from how I used to, getting prepared at home with mom and brother and will drive to our cell group, have turkey and fellowship together till the dawn. This year's will be loads of celebration with friends and of course my 2nd time celebration with my Dumbs :)
And it's really sad to see news/tweets regarding religious practioners to go oppose anything that is western and applies it to be able to make Muslims waver in their religious views(?) what ever happened to One Malaysia? Unity? Every one under one same roof? The free spirit to worship who ever we want? All gone I see.
Anyways, wishing all my readers(if there are any wtf)a very Merry Christmas! Eat, be fat and jolly! *hugs all*

Merry Christmas, people! :)
Thursday, December 23, 2010

Puma: Happy Hunting

Puma, just as famous as Nike or Adidas is in Malaysia, has had their Happy Hunting Party few weeks ago and I was brought along by Samuel who was invited by Jaclyn :) And being an ex-athlete, you will never understand how happy I was to see Puma shoes hanging on the ceiling, I felt like I kena teased wtf.

You get what I meant now?
We were all greeted with shoes hanging on the ceiling when we stepped into Ecoba for the event.

And if you're daring enough, you can actually steal a pair back because they've hanged a pair of each design on the ceiling, trick is... the pairs are all scattered everywhere. You would need to sit down there for a while to do your 'pick' and then steal wtf. I was tempted to.

We were there quite early but not early. It was so jam the other day that I did not even go back home to change and went to the event straight after working hours, and it jammed like hell. But we were still early :)

My awesome date *hearts*


A lot and a lot of shoes!!

As I've said, I was there after my working hours and I've hadn't had any dinner and I skipped lunch that day too. So. Samuel and I shared an awesome pizza at Ecoba... Food there are superb, really.


Friends, bloggers, actors, actresses, models all started pouring in and everyone had their beers early. Being a VIP(all thanks to Jaclyn for the tics), we had free flow the entire night! :) though yours truly aren't fond of beers nor liquor anymore, so I had coke the whole night and got teased for not drinking :(

While waiting for the performance.

We've also waited for quite some time for the event to begin... But it was all worth the wait because the first ups were Dennis Lau and his awesome skills with his violin, followed is Shawn Lee BeatBox and there was this awesome duet of violin and throat(?)

The small guy with loud voice and the sexiest violinist.
I actually scoffed when Rina introduced Dennis like that because they have not hear Samuel play! I no kid! Samuel can play just as good, as pronto, as random, as techno, etc on violin! :D

Then there was this man with wolf mask walking all around the place with a paintball gun. And I've had the wildest guess ever :P I thought that they will fill those guns up with paint balls and shoot randomly and who ever gets the 'blast' will win a pair of shoe(?) #justsaying #dreamoftheday wtf.

All I got was a picture taken with the wolf man and my bitch, Ceddy.
It was actually the theme of the catwalk later on, which I think that that is super creative and I think I will start to like Puma due to that lol!

The catwalk was a very different experience that I've had because it's not the traditional, 'walk as poise as possible, no head bobbing and please do swing thy ass'. Nope, its more to casual, fun and to run away from the wolf man with the awesome Puma shoes on, adorning their clothes with their flexibility to move around. Brilliant right? to have thought of it so thoroughly just to show what they wanna let their customers know :)

The two guys on the far end and far left, are 'monkeys' which I think that they'd perfectly showed how easily you can move around and about when you're wearing em' Pumas because they did flips and climbs and all those shitzo at the Puma stage.


You see! This is what I meant

Commercial break :P

And I've got a picture taken with the petite but with loud voice, Rina Omar!

The MC for the night, whom is really friendly too :D *LIKE*

The event ended with Dj mixing to the most hip clubbing songs and we went to Al-Safa for my shisha fix after everything that has ended :)

 I would be doing my Happy Hunting for the perfect Puma shoe and bag soon, because I've got RM60 voucher from Puma! *RWAR*

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