Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Feet

Blogging mojo back cause there are actually exciting and fun things happening in my life recently wtf. Gonna be word-blogging my Chinese New Year and my shopping haul AFTER the CNY. I shop ALL YEAR ROUND, so what is CNY shopping again??LOL. Such thing don't even exist in my dictionary of life teehee.

Nevertheless, I wore new unworn clothes on my first CNY day and my family and I,as per usual, visited my aunt's house ONLY. Cause I don't have such wide range of family members and the weather was really hot wtf. I actually dreaded to go and wished to not be waken up by mum and I am so ready to forsake angpaus,in exchange for nice cooling room with my bed!
*20 minutes later*
"Gong Hei Fatt Choy!!" was what I continuedly said for the umpteeth time to all relatives to what seemed like 5 minutes FML.

Then it was Q&A session -___- . I seriously hate that part to the core of Hell's pathway. Whytf would aunties that I barely know or know of existence even wanna care whether I am owned or no??! As if that would make them have a good "blow water" session with the other aunties! When I said I am not owned, they made a fuss out of it, asking why am I still single, Is it because I am too choosy so no bf etc... Like whytf you care weh?!! Grrr~ Then when I shut up and not giving a YES or NO, they start to worry and begun to "kai siew"(recommend)dunno whotf's son la, duno whichtf's son's nephew la..like hello, are we in the Ching Dynasty? Tsk much~

My nephews were the ones that made CNY gathering a happy event for me the other day! =)) They don't ask silly questions, they TELL me silly stuffs =p I think kids nowadays are so open-minded like wtf cause they begun to whisper to me about their love life! LOL 7 years old and 4 years old weh, both got GFs and EX-es wtf! xD
I awed to the max and begun to wander what I had in mind when I was their age... I think...er...the only thing I cared about when I was their age was,SWEETS.
-___- FML xD

"Yiyi, Wei Yuan got gf!*giggles*"
"Oh really! *turns to Wei Yuan* OHHH!! Got gf ar..Tell Yiyi the name~"
"*shy**name told,i forgot lol* So Yiyi got bf???"
-now whispers to Wei Yuan and Wei Han-
"Got. *smiles*"
-Wei Yuan- "*turns away*"
-Wei Han- "I wanna see pix!! *excited hell wtf*"
-shows Pix-
-Wei Yuan saw- "Yiyi!! Me more handsome! Ditch him cause I wanna marry you!!"
"You sure you wanna marry Yiyi?"
*nods like hell*
"If you can buy Yiyi a ring now then Yiyi marries you.."
"Wait ah, let me spilt with *his gf* first then i buy you ring okay?!"


Yiyi means Aunty and I am their Yiyi.=) A very proud Aunt to 2 very clever and intelligent boys. They seriously made my day and made me laughed as well. Cause I missed him abit as he was away. Then the shitty relatives, then pissy mum cause I was so cau tah face like that and an ignorant brother. So yea conclusion my CNY... I is hate =) PERIOD.

Then then on the third day of CNY, mummy was a happy feet and she ajak-ed me to shop! And all my hauls were paid by and truly her, my mum! I hauled like crazy wtf cause it has been like wert ? years since I shopped with her... She is either too busy or no time or plain lazy to shop which is totally not a reason to NOT shop and IGNORE shopping lo...Shopping IS priority wtf, must super make time for it LOL. That is why Victoria is always broke FML.
Two tees, short shorts, minis and shoe made me felt like I was on cloud nine.. Add on values, not me paying them, is there a cloud 10?? Cause I think I am there *winks* =))


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