Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Samantha & Jer Yen

Yes, this blog post is dedicated to the named person above. They are non other than my very long lost, so to say lost, PRIMARY school friends! PRIMARY okay! Now beat that and come tell me you found your KINDERGARTEN friends. LOL

Promised them to meet up at 10a.m and good lord, I woke up at 9.30a.m! I know, cause I'm hero like that and I even got time to set up my laptop to go online and tweet wtf. Eh I scored 100% tweet addict okay *flicks hair* LOL.


Samantha Chow, sorry I have to write out the surname too cause I know too many people with the same name, lives on the 11th floor and I took this after the swim. There, a peek of the pool. This was not the pool that we went to, I think this is the pool of the another block. And I love her apartment! The moment you step in, you are greeted with a super duper open air space window, right from 11th floor, where you can see mountains and mountains ahead!
Imagine, waking up to beautiful sceneries as such! Now, that's what I call life =)

Changed of plans were made rather impromptu in the car. Initially, eat then swim. Then it was swim then eat. Cause I don't like to swim under super duper hot sun cause I wanna be fair like that wtf.
We did not swim much as time were spent much on talking, catching up with each other's past 10 years of life wtf and this Jer Yen is still the cute, cant stop talking girl I once knew. As for Samantha, I think she changed a lot cause she is the REALLY real long lost friend! LOL
And Jer Yen is like some hungry ghost or what weh wtf LOL, she asked "So what to eat for lunch?" twice or was it thrice while we are in the pool, TRYING to swim! LOL

So Dami it was. Since Sam and me doesn't really fancy having rice for lunch.

Jer Yen's Chicken Chop Rice.
Hungry ghost must eat rice, something filling. LOL And she is still stick thin -__-

TADA! This is Samantha Chow! And her Mee Taugeh hahaha..
Seriously, I can only see taugeh but I tasted the mee, and it was quite nice!
But it tasted like Maggi Mee perencah right?! LOLOL

This is my Wantan Mee, but it doesn't taste like one and surely it does not look like one too, right?! It tasted like Maggi Mee perencah too -__-

And then we were too fat anf lazy to move around any more! LOL. We managed to walk back to Sam's apartment which is a road away though LOL and the sun was blazing hot! Damn!
Then Sam kept saying she wanted to play Mahjong and I was like "No! I don't know shits about Mahjong! Let's Chor Dai Dee!!"
Then she took out this..

Gymrami. Is this called as Mahjong too??
Yes, I made my tiles stands like soldiers cause er I cross eye sight wtf. Playing this has the equivalent stressness while doing accountings wtf. And I keep seeing 3 as 8! FML or not! LOL

Feeling very bored at home and adventurous, ajak-ed Alex, Jeffro and Xiang to Sri Petaling's pasar malam for dinner purposes and then we BASKET BALL! LOL! It was mad fun as Jeffro shows me stunts and ways to block that people has never seen or used before. Funny like hell weh~

Xiang's super spicy Pan Mee!
We waited so long for him to come back with a packet of this. LOL

Nevertheless, it was all fun in a day and just when you thought I had stopped today cause I went out so much, you're so wrong! LOL Shall update again tomorrow about Wednesday.
All this happened on a Tuesday, 2nd Feb 2010.


Samantha Chow said...

Jeryen hungry ghost, hahahaha I agree!

Victoria said...

Samantha:: TOTALLY!! It was fun, lets gather again some other time when all are free okay!! Teehee

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