Sunday, February 21, 2010

Welcomes College

After a two whole week of stress relief, exam free and outings daily, it is now the time to be back in COLLEGE! Yeay~ an exclamation mark doesn't neccesarily brings the meaning that I am excited or happy or overjoyed. There are something we created such as SARCASM.

I don't hate college itself actually, is the people and the surrounding that I dislike. I have to wake up faithfully everyday at 6a.m since I am staying at north and going to college at the south. I secretly miss rummaging harshly at my closet for clothes that I wanna wear on that particular day, then flee downstairs to nom something and then I am out. Mummy would drive and I would be sitting beside her,catching a few wink before get drop off at a bus station or the KL Sentral. I think I miss walking alone to the station, breathing in morning fresh air, all the while messaging my love whom still snuggles underneath his comforter. The one and only thing I dragged to face every morning is the public transport. I told cha it's the surrounding that I hate.. Not the process LOL.

Will be facing all those 7 hours from now =) I hope I still can be a early bird like how i used to, waking up at 6am with one single ring of my alarm.. no grouchy face whatsoever. I kinda doubt since I had been waking up at 1p.m(almost)everyday!
I am surely gonna miss outings and all the time I spend with me love, not rushing back for assignments whatsoever =)
Am looking forward to college and am so not looking forward to it as well! Hmm.. such procrastinating life i have! LOL

Pictures of past! Nope, not gonna be a boring word length post! =)

Me Love, Samuel and moi at Nokia event.

Moi at Chilis, yes I love black pepper and *erhem*the guy*erhem*behind LOL






Moi's companions!!

Till then,wait till I get the pictures of us gambling together LOL.


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