Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nokia X6 Music Event

Nokia Music Event was held last Saturday and the only reason that got me interested to go was that Nokia offered 66 lucky attendees to get their hands on the Nokia X6 for a crazy price which is also RM66! Tell me who wouldn't jaw drop for that right?!

Thanks to Alex who is willing enough to car pooled me, Jeffro and Bernard, we set off an hour earlier than our supposed-to-be timing and we reached around 4.30p.m after a slight jam and a stupid massive rain! Seriously, whytf that it needs to rain on THAT particular day!! =s


So we stayed under the overhead bridge till the rain turns to drizzles before walking to the entrance. Being under the overhead bridge made me think of the times when i was in the car, going back with Mummy, then there was a downpour like the one i was in on the event day, people and motorcyclists would stop aside to avoid the rain. Then, me in the car, would whiz by and laughed heartily, thanking God at the same time that I am in the car.

Well, people say Karma rocks wtf.

Must camwhore under the overhead bridge, its like once in a lifetime chance wtf.
Me and Audrey(all photos credits to this girl)

After what seemed like half an hour standing under the overhead bridge, the rain ceased so we walked to the main entrance, thinking that "Yay, no more rain so can wait there." Boy, it started to rain again once we were near the entrance and I was drenched! And the body odor +sweat smell+body heat released made me feel very very uncomfortable but got X6 for RM66 wtf.

We were like this for 2 hours?! FML or not?
This was when not much people were there yet!

Now this is damn crowded already and this are some of the peeps that suffered what I would call BOSH(BodyOdor,Sweat n Heat) released by us and other people wtf.
I was totally drenched and can see my rainbow bra wtf but NO I shall not let you see me in such drenched condition wtf, with bare face samo! Had sleepless night samo!
Sigh, Facebook got the picture LOL.

Then the gates to enter to the Equestrian Club where the event was held, were opened to the public and MAN! we were all man-sandwiched and Jeffro and Samuel managed to grope some boobs HAHAHAHAH WTF.

Jeffro looking happy cause some UNDERAGE girl was in front of him doing accidental lap rubbing! LOL

We were then squashed like this for almost an hour right infront of the entrance entrance to where everything will be held. We were quite in front as you can see the black blinders that separated us from the hall.

And this was the many people that was right behind us who had totally no ethics at all.
Cause when they opened up the blinders, this people from behind were trying their best to go in to get the X6 Rm66 worth coupons as Nokia will be giving out limited.

And people in front, like us, totally got squashed to the maximum max~! FML. I felt like I was in some whirl pool filled with smelly stinky unknown farktards who don't understand "DO NOT PUSH". Got our feet all dirty, and we got lost with our friends. As me and Samuel were the ones who get the coupons among all of us. Cause I cut queue LOLWTF.
But we did not get the phone la

See, told you Karma rocks! -_-

This even featured BoysLikeGirls and there were kids shouting that they do not want the phone but their intention was to enjoy themselves the free concert. They did all the human-sandwiched thingy for the damn concert?! I'd rather sit at home drink tea read newspaper thank you if it wasn't for the phone.
Overall, Nokia sucks at organizing events, Malaysians would chop their dignity off for anything FREE, somethings are too far-fetch and oh HORSES ARE AWESOME!.

I did not enjoy much the concert EXCEPT for the DJ Goldfish and DJ Mickey Nikki!
And I enjoyed the time spent walking around the club, looking at awesome good fine looking BLACK horse and a pony(so ugly one) and talking craps with Samuel. =)
No, we did not ditch the peeps! They ditched us and went A&W hahahaha wtf.

Pokoknya, Me and Samuel did not get it and we are still emo-ing about it wtf.


Amanda Janelle Quah said...

Haha!! reading your post made me feel a LOT better bout not going to the concert edi.. But still I would have liked to see BLG.. again.. LOL..

Samuel C said...

*gropes* =D

Victoria said...

Amanda:: according to them, they had been here like 3 times in duno, half a year? LOL damn geng la okay~ im sure they will come back again SOON!

Seraph:: LOL! *pulls* xDD

Chee Ching said...

I think it's DJ Niki heheh. I saw many people with dirty feet as well. ><

Victoria said...

Chingy:: REally?? Thanks! i go correct now! hehehe

Unknown said...

*laughing on stop* at vic pics at FB

Ceddy said...

HAHAHA I spotted myself in the picture, anyway yeah I blogged about how shitty the God damn event was at http://badboyisme.com/?p=239 , have fun reading! :P

Kellaw said...


read more there. i linked ur post

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