Sunday, January 31, 2010

Don't Touch My ...

Went for a mini shopping today with mummy after dinner and she agreed to do so cause she made me damn mad at her this morning. She intensively tried waking me up of my much needed beauty sleep, to help her clean the house. FML or not! Not that I don't do any, just that I don't do the weekly spring cleaning la.. Yes, she spring cleans WEEKLY, okay can call WEEK cleaning already not SPRING. My mum is such a Spring Lady LOL.

I dashed to Watson as soon as I reached Jusco today cause it's Watson sales! Yes, I don't dash to clothing shops one every time in a mall.
And I grabbed like a stash of MASK! Shame on myself I know! LOL.


Yea! All for myself! So, don't touch my maskkkkkk~ =))
How much ar? LOL
Secret wtf cause this is enough to pay your Astro fee and your Internet fee wtf. =(
Mum paid! LOL

Actually I bought more than just mask =x
I bought 건강 식품.. sigh~ Getting older so need to "bou" myself LOL.
Thing is, I have not bought so much,should I say used so much money in a day and now I feel ashamed for such loots.=x


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