Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Of Miss Dior and Clinique

This two little thing really made me in the mood to be extra chio and girl minded for the year 2010 onwards and we shall see how long the girlishness can last in me. I bet with myself, one month max fml xD

Two weeks before Christmas, June*to her blog* held her weekly Christmas GiftAway and since i have got nothing to do and only minimum requirements needed, decided to join in the fun and hey, might win myself some new goodies. Was what i then thought.
Now~ Tralalala~

My Miss Dior came in a small yet cute package with a light pink bottle and a small lil' ribbon
*omfg Ribbon fetish can!*

Not only that, she even sent me a Clinique lipgloss causeimawesomelikethat xD

Which is in pink too! *rawwr*

Used both and it is MAD AWESOME CAN!! I am soo gonna get a Miss Dior 100ml fml if they has it in that size that is teehee. Sasa here i come LOL.

Below is a vain picture of me! Rawr!


勤勉に働く!! =)


June said...

i'm happy that u like it =DDD

Victoria said...

june:: wheee~ i really do! ^^

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