Thursday, January 21, 2010

Exam Meme

1) What time do you wake up everyday?
Oh, it depends actually. Would wake up as early as 6am if there are test on that particular day,period. As for days when I am free, I wake up when I want to wake up. Which is never =p

2)What is the first thing you do when you're awake?
Oh, this also depends on my mood. Also depends on my body's "nature call", depends on which day, oh did I mentioned the things I do also differ with the presence of my mom in the house. Usually,I would climbed down two flights of stair to my living room, grabbed my laptop on the way down. Plug in the charger, switch on WiFi, sigh a relief sigh and online the whole day.
When my mom is around, two flights of stairs down, grabs a book on the way, opens up the book, sigh a stressful sigh and studies the whole day.
Now I wish my mom is at home everyday.

3)Do you breakfast first then bathe or vice versa?
-when mom is not around-"Oh what is breakfast and bathing?I only know Facebook and Twitter and the occasional Youtube."
-when mom is around-"Oh! Lovely bacon smell! *noms*" and I proceed to cleaning up my plates, climbed up two flights of stairs, looks at the room in confusion, stretch a bit, plops onto bed..."What is Facebook again?"
Can my mom be at home always?!

4)Study week.Usually how long would you spend on revising?
*laughs* What is revising again?
*clock strikes 12am, 9 hours before exam* "Fuck this shit! Where is my notes?! &$*#@!!"
*@ 2am* *yawns* "Fuck it's 2am,*thinks* I deserve to sleep now" and goes to sleep.FML,period.

5)Which of the following describes you during the exam period?Allowed to choose more than one.
a- Geeky, with specs on, hair tied into a mini/large palm tree
b- Books all over the floor. You cant even see you dog there and steps on it.
c- You ate doggie biscuit/non edible for humans stuffs thinking that it was your cookies.
d- You decline all outings, sits at house, ended up not studying but on the Internet the whole day and then regret that you declined the outing and then gan cheong when the clock strikes 12am.
6)Do you think of your love ones during this stressful moments?
YES! Eh says who I am stress huh?*continues Cafe World*

7)Your blogging inspiration?
Yes, still very inspired! Neh, this meme.

Was studying for tomorrow and suddenly I have this urge to do a meme like post just to let all of you know how Vox studies during her exam period. You are all allowed to take and reuse this useless(actually)meme. LOL
Shall go back to studying now.

Eh fuck, I am inspired to blog about LG Chocolate phone! LOL
*yea rightttt~*


EVo said...

omg. i didn't know victoria poh = theagapevox. now i know lolz.

mind telling me how 'theagapevox' came around? damn hi-tech lorrrr.

Victoria said...

EVO:LOL Vox is Voice of eXpression, agape is a hebrew word which brings the meaning "love" and I just add the word "the" cause I want attn to be on me! LOL

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