Friday, January 8, 2010

MadMonkeyz In Town

This is the real deal of monkeys from a mixture of many countries, there are monkeys from Japan, Australia, Indonesia, India etc and obviously there are local monkeys.

Okay wtf, the monkeys are us and we finally BOULDER-ED! I said finally because when MadMonkeyz finally had a branch which operates near my college, they had made their presence known by promoting with a 16 feet high wall, set in the middle of my college where my bestie climbed and succeeded to the top! Woots!
*okay that was damn long ago like months so i lazy go find the picture LOL*

This is at the top level where it should be one storey height or so, and it scared me shit so i did not climb this..


I sexist like that cause i only post girls who actually climbed that! LOL Cause i scaredy cat like that la FML to the max.

Samantha is so damn cute can! Must post this picture and here they are chilling out and Samuel totally kaplonked..

Oh hey Jeffro, nice socks! LOL

I can haz upside down cause i Chidia like that lol
*inside joke*

A group picture of us before we call it a day off! Mad awesome!

The fees are very reasonable too. RM8 perentry(that is if you can show that you're a student), RM5 for the shoe rental and RM3 for the chalk which can be share by three person or finally all the bags got mix up, you can start to curi other people's chalk lolwtf xD

Conclusion is, I am damn lazy to do post nowadays, thus I did not upload this to Photobucket cause it lags like that la and I would want to post now. Cause its now or never one,fer shure! So bear with the small pictures kay~ You can refer to other blogger's blog fer this cause they all did it already and you should know em all la cause they fehmous mur~ LOL

Kthxbye, I ez very lazy and hand shoulder armpit butt leg stomach muscles pain.
*psst, i lack of exercise teehee*

Photo credits to Xiang cause i took it all from his blog. I told cha that i was lazy! LOL Thanks "sistah"*inside joke too* *hugs*


Jeffro said...

muahahaha.. my socks rawks!

Victoria said...

jeffro::Memang! thats why i sengaja wanna highlight it! heheheheh

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