Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Before 2010

There will be no 2010 resolution from me this year cause like every year, I won't be able to fulfill at least half of it. No point of making a list or at least one of them this year(hehe).
This would be a down the memory lane of 2009 post instead because there are somethings i would love to jot down here on my online diary, somethings that I want to share and to be forever unerasable =)

I think 2009 is the year where i attended a lot of events and this is the year where i seldom study at all fml. Getting lazier by the year =(

#1) Digi Ultimate Birthday Bash

Attended Digi Ultimate Birthday Bash which does not concern my birthday la! LOL

It was held at Barcelona (teehee xD) and celebrated it with Singaporean bloggers too

All this event did during 2009 was not in order as i cant really remember the sequences and I am taking pictures people tagged me in Facebook from previous. And i assumed it is the older pictures then its the older event hehe..

#2) Attended Maybelline Simply Fabulous event and my fav gurl won! whee~

Me and Jess being all fabulous heh~

Finally meet Henry Golding in person *screamsss* and Sarah Lian(duno who) as the co host of the event.

#3) Satay Session with em Blogger friends

HOW CAN I FORGET THIS! Picture paints a thousand words. I love all of you
The satay nearly killed me Jac! xDD

#4) Then we invade Forever 21 Pavillion and tried on all the clothes we possibly would buy, but end up not buying any FOL.



Me and the Bestie OF COURSE! Let's do more next year LOL opps I meant this year xD

#5) The so called AAR Concert FTL and FML. But I enjoyed it with people I love nonetheless. =)

I look fugly here but I don't care! xDD
This was where we were still waiting fer the rest to come and the line was already omfg long like China Wall FTL. So we just chilled around. They were more pictures taken during the concert but somehow or rather i was not tag *looks at Samuel and Alex*

#6) Shabu One with classmates! And one of the best event i had in 2009!

Us girls
Wah! Got date and time some more LOL

Me posing by the big big bigggg window that exposes us to all sunlight and the city around

Inborn monkey nature! LOL Total fun doing this and then everyone started to do but failed LOL

Us, the whole class(maybe one or two wasn't here)
But it was totally fun to the max! There were loads of food to go around but we were hogging onto the food like it was meant to serve ten, when all the food can serve thousands LOL. Mad awesome! I love my group.=)
Shall miss you all weh!! sigh~

Then, I met him =) Bye bye singlehood,HELLOOO to er unsinglehood? LOL
This is where all my pictures has him, him, him and him, xD

#7) Went to two movie screening, with Samuel's invitation

Ninja Assassin premier screening with MY chef =) <3>
This is, if I am not mistaken Christmas Carol premier screening where he invited his other batangs LOL

#8) Went to Samuel's friend's birthday party

Met most of his classmates

Samuel and me, Joshua and Esther

#9) Then there was this SBS night held my TARC which was a TOTAL DISASTER -__- but i had fun cause HE WAS THERE ma~ LOL

Thanks bie, though it was omfg sien, you made it not so sien =)

The four lone rangers cause we are atas like that xD

#10) Tm Connects. At Sungei Wang

Infront of the stage with JoshuaOngs and Jessica

Us eating at Secret Recipe and kena-ed Jess's WTF moments album -__-

#11) My Christmas Eve and Christmas with Samuel =)


#12) Genting Trip with Samuel and other bloggers in which i have not get any pictures yet. -__-

#13) Samuel's New Year Eve Potluck Party


Us with Samuel's neighbours LOL
Spot me and Samuel! xD

Whee! Bye bye 2009 and though i think i only fulfilled like one of my 2009 resolution, after this massive compilation of outings, I hope to have more outings for this year 2010. Cause I am 20 like that this year and i want more and moree freedom for outings and such.

The best thing that has happened in my life for 2009, the best among the bestest, the uncomparable bestness, the unbeatable bestness(okay you get what i meant)

Found him and being with him =)


Jacquelyn Ho said...

we should go out one day and camwhore in fitting room! I havent been doing that for quite some time edi lol.

Awesome recap babe. Mine would be.. almost all emo events haha wtf. And yesss, glad you found the one *winks* :)

*~xtra-audrey-nary~* said...


Victoria said...

jac:: anytime babe!! me and my besttie sure okay wan! LOL

Audrey:: LOLOL!!! SEXAY WEH! lol u ar! lol

Timelessmomentz said...

o.. i see myself in ur post... haaa... Happy new year babe =))) and where is my pic.... not yet email mi....

Victoria said...

june:: hahahaha ohmaigod!!! i forgot! tomorrow! sure got tomorrow! sorry ~ really sorry

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