Thursday, January 28, 2010


Yesterday was the last day of my exams! Yeay!.

The paper was so so as this time around, there were no tips of any such given to us by the teacher, all I heard was "Study All" FHL but I did not study all obviously and I left the last three chapters untouched. I wasn't even in her lecture for the last few papers, I remembered being lazy and I went back and the another time was Mad Monkey with the peeps. =) When is the next round yo? I really want to try out Camp5!

Sat in the hall for 2 and a half hour and I called it a day off cause I was so kap lui and I did not want to waste my time going down two floors just to take a piss and then up again two floors, which by now I think I will start to pant cause stamina not good already wtf. By then, I think I got no mood for the paper already. So I tahaned the pee for 2 and a half hour, yes, I forgot to pee before entering the hall -__-


First thing first, took a picture of me tired face and OMG see those eyebags?! Results of sleeping
only three hours everyday for two whole weeks. Then no afternoon nap, and straight hours of FB and
study. LOL I have never seen myself so chan before, not till now.


And yes, you guessed it right. Was in the toilet and why do I look like I am pissed off? I am not! Was
so happy actually but the weather was a bit too hot! And oh, this toilet, the first cubicle, always got
shit one. As in faeces that people don't flush. But why only the first cubicle? Don't tell me people
cannot tahan then as soon as they reach the toilet, they hit the first cubicle wtf.

Met up with the bestie on the bus and this girl went out earlier than me and I thought she damn geng,
she knows how to do it all! But I was wrong LOL, same case as me, tembak saja wtf xD
And and TARC is wasting their or I should say OUR MONEY by building things that they are not sure
of what to build wtf. Cause we saw that the put more stone path for us to walk the other day and
yesterday, they were digging it out, revealing the fresh earth ground.
And they forced us to walk on the damn field where the grasses aren't green and luckily for the hot
weather, it's not muddy! Else I will surely bising like hell and give them a piece of my mind.

Lucky you TARC guards which I have no respect for, else you will get flamed by me(and the weather)
yesterday. Always catch me for wearing skirts and disallow me to go into the library with shorts la..
Well, fark your life! The damn security muthafarking two storey building that they are building now
funds from our college fee okay farktards! So treat us like Kings and Queens la, not some
unworthy students okay. Else you all will be sitting in the hot sun and rain being our dog, guarding
the damn college.

As for me, I am just mad happy to be walking out of the college and yes, the other side of the fence
is totally greener! And the other side of the world too, I am just so damn sure of it =)

Three weeks holidays if I am not mistaken and I will wanna do everything that I had planned, be it
with friends, myself or with him(plan soon to be wtf). I don't wanna stay at house woohoo!
But the weather so hot right? So I think I wanna think twice now LOL.


Anonymous said...

ehhh~~ i wan go mad monkey~~~ or dont know what camp 5!!!!!!! this sunday can???? haha

Victoria said...

u siow! sunday i got church ar and that Camp5 you have to take course which cost about rm120+ to be the member there so that you can climb, if no, you can go in if ure invite by the member there. but the rocks there nicer and the got bouldering AND rock climbing LO!

Anonymous said...

ooo... the place of ur church change to where liao a??

Alleo said...

ok you've got a nice blog here :) and also the post is nice :) maybe changing the title instead of yesterday maybe used some more.. mm I forgot the term xD

Victoria said...

Alleo::LOL I am lazy to think of titles la so yeah, its the contents that matters right?? LOL

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