Monday, January 25, 2010


Annyeonghaseyo! It has been a week of exams and stress and fun at the same time. And I did not blog for so long mainly cause I am lazy to blog what I do daily as what my blog's purpose is all about, plus my rants and the nice little F words that you will very much see a lot here.

Now now! You miss those dumb little rants don't you!
I know you do cause I am awesome Ha ha ha wtf..

Exams are so far so good, all thanks to tips that teacher gave us and yes, this time around I manage to fulfill my resolution to study super last minute. I study 11 hours before exam. And that 11 hours, you would need to fill in my 3 hours of sleep and the occasional 5 minute breaks in between. Which usually ended up sticking in front of the computer either chatting, tweeting or watching 2NE1 tv!
Yes, I live an awesome carefree life and then I live a miserable stressful life when the results are out.FML.
Today is the third last paper and I am down with fever, cough and a runny nose. Whee! Double the FML moments. Luckily, cough isnt as bad as runny nose cause I am sure I do not want to distract the whole damn 7 quiet hall with my coughing s and teacher might just ask me to go out and cough finish first then continue wtf.

Arrghh! It's gonna be at the Sports Complex too!
And it is the damn 7 cold there and I think sitting in a 0 degree celcius room for 3 hours do contribute to how I am now. Oh I wear short skirt samo. Cause I hero like that.
Seriously, who the fark knows how will the condition of the hall be right? Then I would have to mafan myself to bring the damn jacket. And Malaysia is hot, so what if the hall is not 0 degree cold? Then I don't use jacket and would need to leave it outside right? Leave outside but the security damn 7 lazy one, and what if people see "Eh nice jacket" then decides to lari with it?
Who to blame then?

Okay, I complain too much but I am entitled to cause I AM SICK ha ha ha...
And bro brought back DURIANS! My favorite fruit! But I am having sore throat!
*sniff sniff*
*blink blink*
Sigh~ I shall have to resist and go without it this time. Besides, Durians are fattening!

And oh, I have been watching so much 2NE1 tv, I am so inspired to live their way of healthy lifestyle. Yes, I am determined to. No more snacks. No more breads. No more corns. No more disorderly and non nutritious food intakes.
I predict that to last... A week. sigh.
Yes yes i shall label this under "studies" again so that I can reread what I blog at times of stressfulness like this, and laughing back at how dumb I am, doing a dejavu moment of my future and I should get back to studying.

Its 2am here on this date, and I got 3 more chapters to cover and can someone remind me whytf I need to study how to do a research and "What is hypothesis?"! Go get a dictionary people!

p/s:: Went out with BieBie on a Saturday, 23rd January 2010. 4 more days to go! *hearts*


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