Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This is another sad post, the whole world would have know about this now. And i felt compelled to voice out my thoughts a bit cause I feel very sad for this to happen and never in my mind I thought of seeing this happen.

A week ago, I received a message that makes me even more the racist that I am known to be previously. Someone informed me cause I don't read newspaper like that, that my church Metro Tabernacle was burnt down. I thought it was a plain good joke cause like I said, NEVER ever thought that this would happen to my church.
I went "WTF" and it is hard to write this post now, cause I am holding in all my angers, trying my best to not be racist here, trying hard to not curse AT ALL, and no I am not holy at all but this church is something VERY dear to me. Too many fond memories, too many things that this church provided for me as i grew up from a reckless, non-God fearing kid to what I am today... which is much better cause I still curse,yes I know wtf.
They say,


But I am not Jesus, so can I not forgive and forget? Cause how can I?!

Imagine this is your house, you wake up early in the morning thanking God that this lovely house is yours. You step on to the parquet floor and your thoughts runs to the homeless and you thank God again. You go get dress and cook yourself a nice hot meal, and you thank God again. Out you go, turning back to look at your lovely home again, bidding it "Goodbye, I shall see you again this afternoon".
And when you're back in the afternoon, shit happens. Your house got burnt down! To the state of the above... Not sad enough? Well.. there's more..

You then run into your supposingly lovely house, checking out all your loses, run your fingers across the walls that were white and clean this morning but now all ashed. You kitchen don't even seemed like one anymore, your beloved chair, burnt to a state nearly unrecognizable, pictures you had now all ashed.

You see unknown people or people you hate lingering around your house, poking and thrusting anything they can get their hands on, just being all nosy or to investigate what happened.
It blardy burnt down la wtf still poke here and there!

Now that illustration is how I feel for my church. It's like my second home, a place where I go to chill out and rest and er suck in "new air".
Now, this is all it's left.

I still remember that I used to stand at the corner on the other side of the fake-cotton-made wall, all giggly talking to my friends and my Pastor will sneakisly eavesdropped on us.. And when he thought he had got the BEST scoop of our gossip, he would open the door beside him and say "OHHH!!!!", all this revealing himself and to the fact that he eavesdropped LOL.
Wah, fond memories.


New church, yes. But no fond memories. That new one feels like.. er.. castle made out of thick brick walls which have like gazillion flights of stairs, super big empty hallway, yes, very much like the castles you see on Disney channels where the Princess will be left alone at "home" with all the servants busying on with their chores.

We had our service last Sunday at the MCA. Mummy got interviewed by this really poor and i think she is a newbie, Star journalist. Mummy talks crap and was in her cocky face and tone anyways, so luckily she wasn't some great well known journalist.
If not, I will be shamed to death fml.

Most of the people in church thinks that this is a new start and all this happened for a purpose. Which the purpose for this to happen is quite obvious, yes, I am pretty happy about that... the funds and all. But I still want my old, memory-filled church.
Yea, I very sentimental one wtf.


Well, shit happens I know, you all can forgive and forget. I think it will be hard for me. I will still be as racist as ever! Or more.

p/s:Pictures credits to the owner.


Samantha Kong said...

Cheer up babe; we live in a multi cultural country. Is bound to happen, just that you never know when it will be. We can't do much since is a Muslim country but none the less, I always believe everything happen for a reason.

Muacksss! <3

Victoria said...

samantha::yea i believe so *sigh* *hugs*


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