Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Did You All Know?!

That today is my last paper!
Which is also my last 7 hours of getting all worried!
Which is also my last day of college Year 2 Semester 2!
(damn! How time flies)

Then it would be college Year 2 Semester 3!
(short semester)
Then it would be "olded Vic" wtf.
And can you see what evil twitter has had impact on mankind?!
People now can't type more than 144 words in a sentence!
Seriously, even in messaging, I seldom type more than one page now.
Its like accustomed to 144 words.
One word more,then this fear of "Message not sent" arises wtf.

Okay I am getting quite annoyed with this half page post.
And with the "Enter" button.
And with the fact that I am procrastinating in my last 7 hours to study.
SERIOUSLY, Please count the words on each line.
Not more than 144 words, not alphabet ar wtf.

After my great last stress moment day whatever, I am gonna go have afternoon noms with bloggers that I know and don't know of. Actually I know them cause they famous and they don't know me cause I am not famous? LOL Self denial is such awesome God gifted attitude, and I think God gave me an extra dosage of it! xD
Oh, I think God gave me an extra dosage of positiveness too.
Cause there were times that I would just wanna think NEGATIVE, and EMO, and just SHUT myself out of the world, sits in a CORNER, and CRY...
But I end up thinking POSITIVE, LAUGHED like hell, JOINED friend's outing like nobody's business, definitely sitting with the CROWD and I was the one trying to make people feel all HAPPY.

Truth is, deep deep deeep damn deep within my heart, I am NEGATIVE, EMO and I CRY silently.

Whee~ "Studies" label for this again and I SHOULD go back to my books.
I got all outings lined up properly for me to go to!
I like myself a lot when I am study-free, exam-free and stress-free!
Even my skin likes itself! LOL


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