Monday, January 18, 2010

I Can Not

I seriously think that I really really can not like some of my friends, who will totally disconnect themselves from the "world" and go hide inside their house, on their bed and studies the whole day, only taking breaks to eat bathe and shit.

That does not make me a geek just because I stare at the computer more than I pick up my books to read. Well, if I do the otherwise, then that will make me a book geek then right?! Life is just so hard to please,no?
I am actually at my resting moment as I have been studying for two hours straight, now now I do deserve a 30 minutes break(at least)and just to update me blog right righht righhht? Anyhow, you would just have to say RIGHT! LOL

People do ask me, "What the hell do you do being in front of your computer the whole day?"
Well, people, I have a "life" here where I get myself closer with friends that I do not get to see, such as friends from Singapore, Australia... Now we shouldn't go that far, friends from Sabah? I don't even get to chat with them EVERYDAY.=(
I think I am just too attached with the "world". I will definitely feel soo left out if I go MIA for one dumb day, scrolling back (maybe) thousands of tweets just to see what happened on the one MIA day, checks my thousands(for shure one)of Yahoo mails from Facebook and feel awfully left out and pain in the arse to reply them all. Not forgetting my Hotmail. And I check Yahoo and Hotmail every 5 seconds, surely there will be at least 20 notification wtf.

Point is I just can not go MIA from the world even if it is just for one day and I am pretty proud and amazed at how some Tarc-ians can do so. Can teach me how ar? Cause due to this great GREAT addiction, I am still not asleep now cause I had just finish half of my revising and I have like 5 more chapters to masuk into my brains for the 9a.m exam tomorrow. I have blurry eyes now but my mind is just isn't tired yet, maybe cause I woke up at 12p.m yesterday LOL.


And yes, I cam-whore with my webcam too cause I am awesome like that =)
Shall continues back to my studies now. I like my China phone's flash LOL


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