Monday, January 11, 2010

My Muse


Because finals is in 3 days and I think I spend more tweeting and going online compared to sit down and study sigh. Soo! I shall stop procrastinating now, like NOW and go study! Yes yes yes that is what I will do. But i don't want people to log in here every time and be reminded that "Vox is lazy, see laa, all her pictures take people one!" wtf.

For that sake *erhem*
I shall post up what I am listening to this days.

Fuah this song is my motivation to study and end finals at a rate in which i cant make ammendments and then ITS PARTEEEY TIME BABEH!!!! *shake shake boom boom fag fag* LOL

Hm~ Cause I miss my baby like that =) And though I can't see him everyday,, we shall plan after finals la LOL.

My baby even piano-fied one fer me! Loveeee you!! *hugs*

Okay bye! Will not blog till 27th I THINK!!! Muahaha! *hugs*


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