Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Valentine's Day

Was so tempted to add another "S" behind the word "DAY"! Now now, isn't it great if every day were to be Valentine's Day?! The girls would go "ohh" and the guys go "shat!" cause they have to spend us nice "atas" dining everyday then! LOL

2010's February 14th will be my very first Valentine's Day with him


Sadly, he would be away for the special day. Means I am open for dates LOL. People, call me at
017-now you wish-i'd give you right?. LOL

Cause I already have my own date besides him, and that date would be Patrick Dempsey!


See! Omgawd so suave in the doctor's coat and tell me, who can resist his nice bedroom hair! His
sideway smile just melts heart okay~ Okay, I have a thing fer elder guys fml.
Since he is so sexy, shall show you another manly side of him!


Yeah, he is married and has three children. BUT STILL SEXY!*defensive* See his blissful face LOL.
Now don't get me wrong, I don't date married man. But if i were to choose,I'd still choose Patrick.


I am a freak/nerd/geek/sucker.. For movies where you are legal to take a knife and cut people into
halves and even if they die, you will not get sue for it. No, I am not sadistic wtf. I hate hospitals but i
think I am willing to live in one fer life if the docs there were all as handsome as Patrick! LOL
So yea, I will be dating Patrick Dempsey for my 2010 Valentine's Day if i were given a chance and
our conversation would mainly be:
"So how do you feel when you see people filled with blood?"
"What does the brain feels like? Is it pulsating? Is it gooey?"
"Oh I forgot, is there any possibility that you can unblock the aorta once some fat, unself conscious
people block it with fats by consuming chicken fats everyday??"
"Do you even have a Diploma in Doctoring cause you lookey pro in the show!"

Lol okay lame but yea, I amma geek for science. So my Valentine's Day date will definitely bored him
to death and he would wanna run back to his wife and hold his childrens. Hahaha...


teetoo said...

so dey u go...the first day of cny, someone will be there too...hahaha

remember i said last time ...(@,@)

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