Thursday, February 4, 2010

Starbucks Phenomenon

Went out the next day after a half day out with Samantha and JerYen the previous day. This time around, I went out with Samantha Kong. See! I told you that there is another Samantha, and when you call them for short, there are three Sam that I know of FML.

Me is into checkered stuffs lately and this is the bag that I conned my mum into buying it for me! LOL This is seriously an over sized backpack that I am gonna use for college purposes, for my lappie and notes and books and er College sucks.

HAI!! *waves frantically*

I woke up lateas usualand hurried with bathing and cleaning up and got dressed and then feeling a bit lazy, I went and online for 15 minutes before heading out to the bus stop right outside of my house, heading down to Sungei Wang to meet up with Samantha Kong.
The morning's weather was AWESOME for swimming! Thus the "sian" expression LOL

Met up with her an hour later as she has something to do and we had Mac! Surprisingly that both of us were craving for the same type of food, she craved for nuggets and me for burgers. Yes, fattening lunch but wth, it's not like we consumed it daily like how my brother does wtf.
While waiting for her, I chilled out at Borders and OMG I wanted to get so many books! I nearly took 3 books off the shelf and shoved it to the counter. But I put it back nicely on the shelves. "I will come and get you guys one month later,kay?" was what I was thinking to the books.
Reason is, I buy books on impulse like how I bought the whole series of Cecilia Ahern which costs me around RM200 for the last 3 books on this author that I have owned.

Cecilia Ahern, being an avid reader of your writes, those books are still lying on the shelves untouched.I shall read them after this Kthxbai.

I want to start collecting Haruki Murakami, finish up my Jodi Picoult series and then start collecting Stephen King series. He got so much weh! FML.

Back to the outing, after MAC, we headed to StarBucks! Samantha Kong's first home! FIRST not second home! LOL*inside joke*

Yes, I totally zonked out there! I was spacing there and she took this picture. And I thought that this is really funny and disgusting that I wanted to share this with the whole world! LOL Please have a good laugh. See, the guy behind had the same way of sitting and face LOL. StarBucks, totally the place to space out! Hahaha~

Those are our gadgets who accompanied us through out the whole session of chilling, talking and meeting new people. It was really funny cause at first it was Samantha who were introduced to two of my friend, Carmen whom is my primary and secondary school bestie and Richmond whom is my church friend. And I was harping that after the introducing, my world is now officially 0.01% smaller!
Few moments later... It was then my turn to get to know Samantha's friend. I forgot his name though but he is also from TARC! FML, now my world is 0.02% smaller.LOL.

Me and my HP Pavillion DV2, CafeWorld!

Samantha Kong and her Pink Sony Vaio Mini, her Pink mouse, her Pink shirt and her Pink MarshmellowPopsicles blog. LOL

Us together. *hearts*

Had a great time sitting there, not alone though this is how i would be at home when I am not out. Having company is better than being alone.Period.
Let's go out again someday kay!


proswet654 said...

生命是一頓豐富的宴席,有人卻寧可挨餓 ..................................................

Victoria said...

Proswer654:: sorry I cant read mandarin

Jess said...

ahahahah get yahoo babblefish to translate for u. btw, im totally into tartans too babe :D loving ur bag!

Victoria said...

jess: The bag is nice right?? Omg must show it to you one day..

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