Sunday, February 21, 2010

Welcomes College

After a two whole week of stress relief, exam free and outings daily, it is now the time to be back in COLLEGE! Yeay~ an exclamation mark doesn't neccesarily brings the meaning that I am excited or happy or overjoyed. There are something we created such as SARCASM.

I don't hate college itself actually, is the people and the surrounding that I dislike. I have to wake up faithfully everyday at 6a.m since I am staying at north and going to college at the south. I secretly miss rummaging harshly at my closet for clothes that I wanna wear on that particular day, then flee downstairs to nom something and then I am out. Mummy would drive and I would be sitting beside her,catching a few wink before get drop off at a bus station or the KL Sentral. I think I miss walking alone to the station, breathing in morning fresh air, all the while messaging my love whom still snuggles underneath his comforter. The one and only thing I dragged to face every morning is the public transport. I told cha it's the surrounding that I hate.. Not the process LOL.

Will be facing all those 7 hours from now =) I hope I still can be a early bird like how i used to, waking up at 6am with one single ring of my alarm.. no grouchy face whatsoever. I kinda doubt since I had been waking up at 1p.m(almost)everyday!
I am surely gonna miss outings and all the time I spend with me love, not rushing back for assignments whatsoever =)
Am looking forward to college and am so not looking forward to it as well! Hmm.. such procrastinating life i have! LOL

Pictures of past! Nope, not gonna be a boring word length post! =)

Me Love, Samuel and moi at Nokia event.

Moi at Chilis, yes I love black pepper and *erhem*the guy*erhem*behind LOL






Moi's companions!!

Till then,wait till I get the pictures of us gambling together LOL.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Feet

Blogging mojo back cause there are actually exciting and fun things happening in my life recently wtf. Gonna be word-blogging my Chinese New Year and my shopping haul AFTER the CNY. I shop ALL YEAR ROUND, so what is CNY shopping again??LOL. Such thing don't even exist in my dictionary of life teehee.

Nevertheless, I wore new unworn clothes on my first CNY day and my family and I,as per usual, visited my aunt's house ONLY. Cause I don't have such wide range of family members and the weather was really hot wtf. I actually dreaded to go and wished to not be waken up by mum and I am so ready to forsake angpaus,in exchange for nice cooling room with my bed!
*20 minutes later*
"Gong Hei Fatt Choy!!" was what I continuedly said for the umpteeth time to all relatives to what seemed like 5 minutes FML.

Then it was Q&A session -___- . I seriously hate that part to the core of Hell's pathway. Whytf would aunties that I barely know or know of existence even wanna care whether I am owned or no??! As if that would make them have a good "blow water" session with the other aunties! When I said I am not owned, they made a fuss out of it, asking why am I still single, Is it because I am too choosy so no bf etc... Like whytf you care weh?!! Grrr~ Then when I shut up and not giving a YES or NO, they start to worry and begun to "kai siew"(recommend)dunno whotf's son la, duno whichtf's son's nephew hello, are we in the Ching Dynasty? Tsk much~

My nephews were the ones that made CNY gathering a happy event for me the other day! =)) They don't ask silly questions, they TELL me silly stuffs =p I think kids nowadays are so open-minded like wtf cause they begun to whisper to me about their love life! LOL 7 years old and 4 years old weh, both got GFs and EX-es wtf! xD
I awed to the max and begun to wander what I had in mind when I was their age... I only thing I cared about when I was their age was,SWEETS.
-___- FML xD

"Yiyi, Wei Yuan got gf!*giggles*"
"Oh really! *turns to Wei Yuan* OHHH!! Got gf ar..Tell Yiyi the name~"
"*shy**name told,i forgot lol* So Yiyi got bf???"
-now whispers to Wei Yuan and Wei Han-
"Got. *smiles*"
-Wei Yuan- "*turns away*"
-Wei Han- "I wanna see pix!! *excited hell wtf*"
-shows Pix-
-Wei Yuan saw- "Yiyi!! Me more handsome! Ditch him cause I wanna marry you!!"
"You sure you wanna marry Yiyi?"
*nods like hell*
"If you can buy Yiyi a ring now then Yiyi marries you.."
"Wait ah, let me spilt with *his gf* first then i buy you ring okay?!"


Yiyi means Aunty and I am their Yiyi.=) A very proud Aunt to 2 very clever and intelligent boys. They seriously made my day and made me laughed as well. Cause I missed him abit as he was away. Then the shitty relatives, then pissy mum cause I was so cau tah face like that and an ignorant brother. So yea conclusion my CNY... I is hate =) PERIOD.

Then then on the third day of CNY, mummy was a happy feet and she ajak-ed me to shop! And all my hauls were paid by and truly her, my mum! I hauled like crazy wtf cause it has been like wert ? years since I shopped with her... She is either too busy or no time or plain lazy to shop which is totally not a reason to NOT shop and IGNORE shopping lo...Shopping IS priority wtf, must super make time for it LOL. That is why Victoria is always broke FML.
Two tees, short shorts, minis and shoe made me felt like I was on cloud nine.. Add on values, not me paying them, is there a cloud 10?? Cause I think I am there *winks* =))
Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day


My Valentine is currently at Cambodia.

Got to know that my cousins are on plans for marriage, mad excited for them really!
That is when I finally realized that I am no longer a 17 years old wanting to be 20 years old, cause I already am. =)
Gotta be less playful and start planning my future.

"Girl... girl ah~ *pause* Any how, you're still always my girlgirl *sigh*"
With mummy saying that, I couldn't bear it and teared a little.

Wishing all of you a very prosperous Chinese New Year and bet you all had the sweetest Valentine's Day ever! =))
Much love from moi.
Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chillis From 1Koolz(1)

1Koolz is the name of the team which consists of (Samuel), (Jackie), (Jacquelyn) and (Xiang), in which they teamed up for the Digi Challenge. And they won themselves Chillis vouchers worth up to Rm1200! Pretty much ey~ They were also kinda enough to treat their photographers of the day which is (Samantha Kong), (Jeffro) and (Justin) whom(i heard)ran around with the team just to take pictures of them. Kudos to the unofficial photographers when all the while I was at home,asleep.LOL.

What girls do best! xD
In front of Chillis, waiting for the rest.

Each of the person's name stated above can invite one personthattheylikewtffor the dinner and needless to say, I was invited by Bie. =))

=)) I might add samo =)))) LOL

Truth is, I am lazy to do this post cause there are too many pictures to be shown and explain, so I think I will post camwhore picture of us. If you all wanna see pictures of food and better post than my this camwhore post, you can go to (Samantha), (Xiang), (Jackie) and (Jacquelyn).
Thus, the rest would be pictures that I like, of the night. Meet my twins yo wtf LOL.

The 9 attendees. There were suppose to be around 12? Jason, (Justin) and (Shaz)couldnt make it.



Moi's Twin! Victoria Pang, tempted to type Poh wtf. xD

Moi's Camwhore Buddy. *hearts*

Moi's Lengchai "sis". Still available *winkswinks* LOL

Moi's driver.LOL WTF.He is super willing to fetch me everytime,Thanks!!

Moi's Tamagochi Teman! LOL

Moi's sweet looking girl! *hearts*

Moi's tickle Buddy hahahah wtf -_-

There! All 9 attendees and it's more than half of the post cause they got awesome camera like that, when I upload, the pictures are godamn ass big like that. Now please scroll up and feast your eyes again with our pictures. Anddd, Why only me and Samuel got WTF expression?! LOL

You know what... I think I will do a second post which only consist of all of our pictures. Cause Moi is lazy now and this post is long enough =p
Chottomattekudasai =)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Starbucks Phenomenon

Went out the next day after a half day out with Samantha and JerYen the previous day. This time around, I went out with Samantha Kong. See! I told you that there is another Samantha, and when you call them for short, there are three Sam that I know of FML.

Me is into checkered stuffs lately and this is the bag that I conned my mum into buying it for me! LOL This is seriously an over sized backpack that I am gonna use for college purposes, for my lappie and notes and books and er College sucks.

HAI!! *waves frantically*

I woke up lateas usualand hurried with bathing and cleaning up and got dressed and then feeling a bit lazy, I went and online for 15 minutes before heading out to the bus stop right outside of my house, heading down to Sungei Wang to meet up with Samantha Kong.
The morning's weather was AWESOME for swimming! Thus the "sian" expression LOL

Met up with her an hour later as she has something to do and we had Mac! Surprisingly that both of us were craving for the same type of food, she craved for nuggets and me for burgers. Yes, fattening lunch but wth, it's not like we consumed it daily like how my brother does wtf.
While waiting for her, I chilled out at Borders and OMG I wanted to get so many books! I nearly took 3 books off the shelf and shoved it to the counter. But I put it back nicely on the shelves. "I will come and get you guys one month later,kay?" was what I was thinking to the books.
Reason is, I buy books on impulse like how I bought the whole series of Cecilia Ahern which costs me around RM200 for the last 3 books on this author that I have owned.

Cecilia Ahern, being an avid reader of your writes, those books are still lying on the shelves untouched.I shall read them after this Kthxbai.

I want to start collecting Haruki Murakami, finish up my Jodi Picoult series and then start collecting Stephen King series. He got so much weh! FML.

Back to the outing, after MAC, we headed to StarBucks! Samantha Kong's first home! FIRST not second home! LOL*inside joke*

Yes, I totally zonked out there! I was spacing there and she took this picture. And I thought that this is really funny and disgusting that I wanted to share this with the whole world! LOL Please have a good laugh. See, the guy behind had the same way of sitting and face LOL. StarBucks, totally the place to space out! Hahaha~

Those are our gadgets who accompanied us through out the whole session of chilling, talking and meeting new people. It was really funny cause at first it was Samantha who were introduced to two of my friend, Carmen whom is my primary and secondary school bestie and Richmond whom is my church friend. And I was harping that after the introducing, my world is now officially 0.01% smaller!
Few moments later... It was then my turn to get to know Samantha's friend. I forgot his name though but he is also from TARC! FML, now my world is 0.02% smaller.LOL.

Me and my HP Pavillion DV2, CafeWorld!

Samantha Kong and her Pink Sony Vaio Mini, her Pink mouse, her Pink shirt and her Pink MarshmellowPopsicles blog. LOL

Us together. *hearts*

Had a great time sitting there, not alone though this is how i would be at home when I am not out. Having company is better than being alone.Period.
Let's go out again someday kay!
Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Samantha & Jer Yen

Yes, this blog post is dedicated to the named person above. They are non other than my very long lost, so to say lost, PRIMARY school friends! PRIMARY okay! Now beat that and come tell me you found your KINDERGARTEN friends. LOL

Promised them to meet up at 10a.m and good lord, I woke up at 9.30a.m! I know, cause I'm hero like that and I even got time to set up my laptop to go online and tweet wtf. Eh I scored 100% tweet addict okay *flicks hair* LOL.


Samantha Chow, sorry I have to write out the surname too cause I know too many people with the same name, lives on the 11th floor and I took this after the swim. There, a peek of the pool. This was not the pool that we went to, I think this is the pool of the another block. And I love her apartment! The moment you step in, you are greeted with a super duper open air space window, right from 11th floor, where you can see mountains and mountains ahead!
Imagine, waking up to beautiful sceneries as such! Now, that's what I call life =)

Changed of plans were made rather impromptu in the car. Initially, eat then swim. Then it was swim then eat. Cause I don't like to swim under super duper hot sun cause I wanna be fair like that wtf.
We did not swim much as time were spent much on talking, catching up with each other's past 10 years of life wtf and this Jer Yen is still the cute, cant stop talking girl I once knew. As for Samantha, I think she changed a lot cause she is the REALLY real long lost friend! LOL
And Jer Yen is like some hungry ghost or what weh wtf LOL, she asked "So what to eat for lunch?" twice or was it thrice while we are in the pool, TRYING to swim! LOL

So Dami it was. Since Sam and me doesn't really fancy having rice for lunch.

Jer Yen's Chicken Chop Rice.
Hungry ghost must eat rice, something filling. LOL And she is still stick thin -__-

TADA! This is Samantha Chow! And her Mee Taugeh hahaha..
Seriously, I can only see taugeh but I tasted the mee, and it was quite nice!
But it tasted like Maggi Mee perencah right?! LOLOL

This is my Wantan Mee, but it doesn't taste like one and surely it does not look like one too, right?! It tasted like Maggi Mee perencah too -__-

And then we were too fat anf lazy to move around any more! LOL. We managed to walk back to Sam's apartment which is a road away though LOL and the sun was blazing hot! Damn!
Then Sam kept saying she wanted to play Mahjong and I was like "No! I don't know shits about Mahjong! Let's Chor Dai Dee!!"
Then she took out this..

Gymrami. Is this called as Mahjong too??
Yes, I made my tiles stands like soldiers cause er I cross eye sight wtf. Playing this has the equivalent stressness while doing accountings wtf. And I keep seeing 3 as 8! FML or not! LOL

Feeling very bored at home and adventurous, ajak-ed Alex, Jeffro and Xiang to Sri Petaling's pasar malam for dinner purposes and then we BASKET BALL! LOL! It was mad fun as Jeffro shows me stunts and ways to block that people has never seen or used before. Funny like hell weh~

Xiang's super spicy Pan Mee!
We waited so long for him to come back with a packet of this. LOL

Nevertheless, it was all fun in a day and just when you thought I had stopped today cause I went out so much, you're so wrong! LOL Shall update again tomorrow about Wednesday.
All this happened on a Tuesday, 2nd Feb 2010.
Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nokia X6 Music Event

Nokia Music Event was held last Saturday and the only reason that got me interested to go was that Nokia offered 66 lucky attendees to get their hands on the Nokia X6 for a crazy price which is also RM66! Tell me who wouldn't jaw drop for that right?!

Thanks to Alex who is willing enough to car pooled me, Jeffro and Bernard, we set off an hour earlier than our supposed-to-be timing and we reached around 4.30p.m after a slight jam and a stupid massive rain! Seriously, whytf that it needs to rain on THAT particular day!! =s


So we stayed under the overhead bridge till the rain turns to drizzles before walking to the entrance. Being under the overhead bridge made me think of the times when i was in the car, going back with Mummy, then there was a downpour like the one i was in on the event day, people and motorcyclists would stop aside to avoid the rain. Then, me in the car, would whiz by and laughed heartily, thanking God at the same time that I am in the car.

Well, people say Karma rocks wtf.

Must camwhore under the overhead bridge, its like once in a lifetime chance wtf.
Me and Audrey(all photos credits to this girl)

After what seemed like half an hour standing under the overhead bridge, the rain ceased so we walked to the main entrance, thinking that "Yay, no more rain so can wait there." Boy, it started to rain again once we were near the entrance and I was drenched! And the body odor +sweat smell+body heat released made me feel very very uncomfortable but got X6 for RM66 wtf.

We were like this for 2 hours?! FML or not?
This was when not much people were there yet!

Now this is damn crowded already and this are some of the peeps that suffered what I would call BOSH(BodyOdor,Sweat n Heat) released by us and other people wtf.
I was totally drenched and can see my rainbow bra wtf but NO I shall not let you see me in such drenched condition wtf, with bare face samo! Had sleepless night samo!
Sigh, Facebook got the picture LOL.

Then the gates to enter to the Equestrian Club where the event was held, were opened to the public and MAN! we were all man-sandwiched and Jeffro and Samuel managed to grope some boobs HAHAHAHAH WTF.

Jeffro looking happy cause some UNDERAGE girl was in front of him doing accidental lap rubbing! LOL

We were then squashed like this for almost an hour right infront of the entrance entrance to where everything will be held. We were quite in front as you can see the black blinders that separated us from the hall.

And this was the many people that was right behind us who had totally no ethics at all.
Cause when they opened up the blinders, this people from behind were trying their best to go in to get the X6 Rm66 worth coupons as Nokia will be giving out limited.

And people in front, like us, totally got squashed to the maximum max~! FML. I felt like I was in some whirl pool filled with smelly stinky unknown farktards who don't understand "DO NOT PUSH". Got our feet all dirty, and we got lost with our friends. As me and Samuel were the ones who get the coupons among all of us. Cause I cut queue LOLWTF.
But we did not get the phone la

See, told you Karma rocks! -_-

This even featured BoysLikeGirls and there were kids shouting that they do not want the phone but their intention was to enjoy themselves the free concert. They did all the human-sandwiched thingy for the damn concert?! I'd rather sit at home drink tea read newspaper thank you if it wasn't for the phone.
Overall, Nokia sucks at organizing events, Malaysians would chop their dignity off for anything FREE, somethings are too far-fetch and oh HORSES ARE AWESOME!.

I did not enjoy much the concert EXCEPT for the DJ Goldfish and DJ Mickey Nikki!
And I enjoyed the time spent walking around the club, looking at awesome good fine looking BLACK horse and a pony(so ugly one) and talking craps with Samuel. =)
No, we did not ditch the peeps! They ditched us and went A&W hahahaha wtf.

Pokoknya, Me and Samuel did not get it and we are still emo-ing about it wtf.
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