Saturday, September 25, 2010

#2: Hennessy Artistry @MIST Club, 2010

Photos filled post on Hennessy Artistry which happened last week at Mist Club.


Was there as early as 7 p.m as a blogger. We were then introduced to all the line ups of the night and above is a picture of them toasting to a night of great fun, great music and of course, great companionship! *clanks*

Me and my date for the night which is non other than my beloved Mui Mui!

We then loitered around more, me catching up with blogger friends that I don't have the chance to see often and my partner for the night was constantly being introduced. Whee! She loves all of you, trust me =)

Sophia, Sarah, Me, Zhao, and Feeq

Some new friends that I befriend with that night!

Sarah, Samuel and Me
Just chilling around before everything or anything begun.


Shannon and I

Samuel and I

There are a whole loads more of pictures that I took with the others but I did not get tagged for some reason lol. I can't really remember who took pictures of us because there were really loads of picture session, even after the event begun! They were still taking picturesofgirlsand there goes all the flashes haha!

Nevertheless, that night was the first time I ever had the chance to club with my Godsister and yes, we are "related" in ways that non of you will understand =)
I'm now awaiting for the last Hennessy Artistry and I heard that it's going to be super awesome, closing bah~ *winks*


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