Monday, September 27, 2010

L'mour fait mal

Good morning to everyone and no one reads my blog now, yea, sad, so I'm just gonna ramble to myself aites?

It's a Monday today but I woke up thinking that mum just left me at home after multiple tries of waking me up since I slept at 3 a.m this morning but I couldn't recall that I'd ever heard her voice this morning. 5 minutes later, I realized that I took a leave today and there's shit loads of things to be settle. Yea, I take a one day leave once in awhile JUST to settle all my other MAIN priorities, eg: my continuation of studies, my event life, my catching-up-with-friends life etc. Lol, so yea, basically my life revolves work work work on weekdays and friends friends shopping on the weekends =)

I love how things work now.
I need not to worry for someone else's well being but just concentrate on me me me and myself. Waking up to a feeling of emptiness no longer lingers instead, it's filled with hope and I do get stronger (mentality and faith wise) every single day now. Used to think that there's nothing left to wake up since the break up, ahh fuck it, I'm all well and up for more parties after 2 weeks. That, made me grow. That, taught me to be stronger.

Not forgetting great friends that I have and had. Friends whom I thought were never there for me, were actually by my side all along, I was so blinded. And "friends" whom I thought were friends, were just blardy impostors/backstabbers/pretenders, whatever suits you calling them. I'd never confronted on anyone regarding on this, but if you'd received the cold shoulder from me then you will know who I meant. To the other great friends that I am now trying to spend more time with, hell yeah(!) let's hit the clubs, have great awesome yumcha session and eff you all, call me out to exercise larh! I so need exercises okay, I'm so flabby now. *pobre*

Yeay to break up, I can now proceed onto what I had planned for my future when then I was single. Then someone came along and the plans went to a halt, not vanquished, HALT. And it resumes now, no more traffic jam =P
Will be taking on my Undangs, driving lessons and exams all together starting from next month. Wish me luck to be all completed in 3+ months yo~ And no, I got no car to drive but then that's for later's worries because Mum might be getting a new car! Yay all the more! =) Then it will be more clubbings, more yumcha sessions and more events you will see my face in! Lol!

And as for today, which I am pretty excited about, I'm going to back to college again! =) To register for French classes, that is. The only word that I loved and knew since I was Form 3 was "L'mour fait mal" hahaha I was/used to be such an emo kid, judge me =D I even still have thoughts on tattoo-ing that on my back where people usually tattoos wings(?!)
I forsee that this class fills in most of my night time and it WILL DEFINITELY wear me out but nothing is gonna stop me from learning languages.

Conclusion, I'm resuming my life to as how I planned everything before that certain someone who came along and gave me the best 10 months of all =) No regrets, just memories. Memories that I wanna keep and cherish.
Got to go now and Cheras to Setapak is hell I tell you! And oh, did I mentioned that it's raining?! LOL FML.


yinkoon said...

I guess I am one of the few who reads but seldom leave comments.

Rough days in the real life but at least, your thoughts does matter in the blogging world.

:) when I away from civilization in a really backward places... I appreciate even the simplest of thing... like wifi and a good warm food.

Victoria said...

Yinkoon, =') thanks for reading and I do realized that I don't update much lately and even if I do, it will be emo post because that's how I really feel this days and not eveything I would wanna write it here and be exposed to the world.

But I appreciate your come backs and I had been to much events lately, so I promise you pictures! =)

Anonymous said...

hehe, i still reading ~~

the 1 who always stalk ur blog..


Mr Lonely said...

that's the benefits of being anonymous because you can express anything you like to avoid someone see the thing that you don't want them to see lu ~~~


Jess said...

muimui, i noe exactly how it feels. sometimes ya gotta be proud that ur finally set free of what *might* hold u down in ur future. Better to endure pain now than to endure it much much later right? :)

take it as a lesson n open ur heart to love again <3


Victoria said...

I read all your comments and I thank you all for reading em and commenting them =) I'm fine already! Whee Wheee

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