Monday, September 6, 2010

Yearning For Loads of Holidays? MayFlower To The Rescue! - Part 2

So yea! On my first post I mentioned that I went to the Matta Fair which was held at PWTC but then I got side tracked as this is what I first saw *besides the traffic and cars that parked all the way to the highway* and it is not IN PWTC!


Says who Matta Fair stays IN PWTC!? Be creative and be like Mayflower, own the whole of The Mall to themselves and with big burst up banners like that, even the blind can "see" it, literally! Me and the boyfie nearly led a one-side-blinded lady to PWTC, but we did not as she is already on the The Mall side.. So Mayflower it is! Convenient huh? =)


Besides buying and buying and be selfish buying for yourself, Mayflower too held a charity auction with every RM1 spent! That is a brilliant idea right? And it's like killing two birds with one stone, make sales and serve the community *thumbs up*

Beforehand, I was told that the 988 cruisers will be there to hype up The Mall and to draw people from PWTC over. And I was there before 1p.m to witness the 988 cruiser's arrival as I have not really hogged over a van with it's back opened up, revealing goodies and all you have got to do is just answer REALLY simple questions and you can get em' all! *uh huh nods*

Ze arrival of the 988 Fm cruiser's Kia.

And while three of the cruisers were out of their car to like set up the banners and sound system and stuffs, guess what? Our beloved Malaysians can never ever be kiasu enough and they had already started crowding up the Kia, making it all hard for the cruisers to set things up.
Which is good right? Right??


There were loads of questions threw around but before that, they started off with giving out freebies like breads and *err* soap bars(?).
After everyone got really into it, they started with questions on Mayflower and they got the audiences reading up the brochures there and then, intensely..

Lesson Numero Uno: If you want Malaysians to read, give them good and great and awesomesauce prizes like what Mayflower did. Below are some awesome shitz that were given out that day =D

10 x RM100 Mayflower Travel Warrant (for 10 winners)
5 x 2D/1N Best Western Marina Island Resort, Pangkor Hotel Stay (for 5 winners)
1 x RM50 Din Tai Fung F&B Voucher
1 x Villa Manja Spa Voucher

That is like 17 items out of the 133 items that Mayflower gave out through 988 Fm cruisers by answering super duper simple questions! Are you a bit the sad that you weren't there? =P

The three cheerful cruisers


All the audiences that were made happy by the cruisers.
There were more but I guess that they went off after snatching some real goodies =D

The cruisers were there for a good 1 hour plus, giving out prizes and having fun with the public crowd.. Me and the Boyfie then head on inside and woahh, there were more people already. Some seated and a lot more stood by the Mayflower counter wanting to know more on trips and of course, make booking! =)



Busy as a bee they are! =) And there is this table which says Turkey Delight and perched on the other side of the table is a hot hunk *presumably that he is Turkish? lol*


Yup, he looks very delighted indeed as he poses for me to take a picture of him =D

Then we headed outside for a game of foosball

Yup, see the intense face and guess who won?!

Picture do paint a thousand words haha!
Congrats to this happy(very)Mayflower's customer who won in the mini foosball tournament and the prizes are awesome too!

No, I did not ransacked him to know what are the prizes lol! That's because Sam and I tried it out and obviously the score was Samuel 3 and me 0 wtf *sulks*

I still get the prize!! Whee~ Spa spa spaa!!! And noms noms =)

I really enjoyed my day there, snapping pictures, getting to know about Mayflower's awesome packages, played games and the best is to get all this fantastic prizes! I will be checking out Matta Fair's Mayflower every year now so that I get the best out of ze best?! =)


Were you there?
I did.


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