Thursday, September 2, 2010


Well of course today is my most perasan day ever as I'm finally 20 years old~ *flicks hair kao kao* and you all cannot call me a kiddo anymore *flicks hair once again*


and of course I want all of you to wish me Happy birthday, Make sure you spam kao my inbox, cbox and of course facebook! I will love gifts as well =D send em to me aite?

As for now my bf is going to play a song:

Hahahaa of course its the boyfie here spamming her page :)

Happy birthday darlin =D


Jackie Loi said...

WOOHOO I LOVE U SAM!! opss! hahaha nice revenge XP

Happy Birthday Vic!

Michelle Siew said...

nice one! haha.

Victoria said...

Lol!! Sweet Revenge and yesterday only he say he don't remember my password and then can act like so real like he really cannot remember at all! lol

I <3 my cookie monster! =D

Dylan Phuah said...

Happy Birthday! :D May you get lots of pressies...

Samantha Kong said...

Happy 20th birthday to one of my most closest babe ever!!!

Hope you like the pressie. *winks*

Sorry again for unable to celebrate yr b'day. I really HATE finals. >.<

p.s. - nice version of the b'day songs. teehee!

loohan said...

I'm still in time!!! HAPPPY BIRTHDAYYYY!!! :) And you've got such a sweet bf :) lucky you!

Victoria said...

Dylan: LOL!! one big bouquet of roses that menghalangs my walking view is what i needed LOL! thanks to boyfieee =))

Samantha: babe its alright! I have one whole month!! hhahahahahha!!!

Loohan:: wheee thankss loohan and you go get uself another bf la, this boy i chup already =P

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