Monday, September 20, 2010

Asaban Festival @ Taylor's

This is a very very back dated post that I never had the mood to do, but blogging mode on kembali! =) First thing first, I have decided to take away my chatbox. So visitors who just come here and NOT read my post will not be able to spam on my chatbox anymore. One think I distaste most is people asking me to revisit them, which I don't mind but when I clicked on the link, it leads me to some stupid direct selling thing. Yes, I is hate, so chatbox is coming down. Just leave your comment and spam my comment box if you want, alright?

Back to Asaban, which meant Day and Night in Kanji. Which also literally meant a festival that is held from day till night time. Thus a run-down as early as 10 ish till 7 ish was given to all the media of Asaban. I was there in the early afternoon and went back in the early evenings though, not much to see or do.

I was there pretty late and this were the crowd. Either most of them left early or this were all that that was there, Lol! I think RM10 were charged to people who want to attend this event. As for me, I got invited by FeeqSays! Thanks bro *hugs*

They were pretty light-handed on their decorations as I expected shitloads of Japanese decorations like big arse lantern with the word "Prosperous" on it, or at least loads of anime girls with skimpy ninja dress all over the hall. Sadly,

this were all I see. And there were only two stands there so this amount of small lantern times with twice the amount? Yes, that's all the decoration for Asaban.
Was a bit disappointed on the decorations though.

Expected, there will be a lot of cos players all dressed up Harajuku-ly and then I went "Why was I here again?". Because among them all, the one best one that I rate Japanese-worthy is this group

Yup, them! Freaking tall and freaking gothic and I freaking like it.
Eh no, wait, LOVE it!

So I got myself a picture with them. Trying to act emo wteff but clearly I failed! Lol
Moving on~

So I went walking around the whole hall and set aside are tables and tables of anime addicts, either gawking over others who are enjoying themselves with typical Japanese's board games or perched on one chair and played for hours, relenting to let go of the sit because I was there for 2 hours + and I still see one same guy there, playing the same game Lol!

One of the many tables set up to sell anime stuffs like book and figurine. Little Akiba was what I used to go for my LAST TIME anime needs! Lol

Figurines of upskirt chicks! Lol

Drawings of cute Asian Japanese chicks, I seriously don't get why in all of the Anime, the Jap chicks has large rounded eyes with big boobs and long lean legs!? Padahal, this isn't the real deal in real life! Lol Awesome much you all punya imagination!

Then there were a group of singers who tried so hard at yelling all hard core metal Anime songs. I found it annoying thus, I wandered out side to find something MUCH MORE worth the watch and me taking pictures with! Lol

Meet my new friend!! Who can't even tie a Kimono properly or walk in one! Lol!

Lol! I love this guy! The only reason that I did not regret going to Asaban on such a blardy hot day!

See! Told you it was that bored! Lol!
*headshot! dush*
Inside joke! Lol

Walked around more and we bumped into JonYkt and Dylan!
And I made Jon the kiddo to do a very much obliged KAWAII signature pose of all Asians when they take pictures! Lol

Cho Kawaii neh! Kirei desu ka?


Ahh, so this is how Taylor's student are! Lol!


Dylan Phuah said...

oo la la... when ru going to use the hair dye? haha!

Jiamin said...

LOL! The last photo's description is wrong. I'm not like that leh. XDDD By the way when it was? I didn't know there's such event. :S

Victoria said...

dylan, Lol! I also duno woh. You used urs already? Cause samuel used his already haha! turned out quite brown wor..

Jiamin, hahahaha are you sure!! Lol this was like er last month's middle month or near end month =)

alvink said...

cosplay eh? :P hehehe! :) LOL

Victoria said...

alvinK: hahaha but not that nice la.. IMHO... I like the last guy though! Lol

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