Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Merdeka 2010

Judging by the time this post is posted, it's inevitably positive that this year is yet another boring Merdeka eve celebration for me. Last year stayed at home cause Mummy say go out will get H1N1 wtf. This year... er I don't know what happened this year. I got to know that today is Merdeka early mornin of yesterday only, blur is I am *pobre*

Anyways, I was granted a night out to yumcha with two of my secondary school mate and tuition mate, who we eventually became best friends =)

We first, landed our butts here and PLEASE TELL ME THAT THE ABOVE IS EXPENSIVE! Because I feel that an Ice Jasmine Tea is so not worth RM7.50 okay!! Got 10% service charges pulak~ Wah! I confirm the next time I go there then this shop will not be there anymore. Too ridiculous okay~ After much hesitation and unwillingness to pay RM7.50 for Jasmine Tea *wtf seriously*, I excused myself and friends by saying that we will go around for a walk while waiting for the others.

Which is true as we are still calling people for the yumcha. No one turn up except the three of us.

The we went to

which is a bit the ironic for me because I hate the smell of coffee! Let's forget about drinking em' alright?
The only once I had coffee was during my first year first semester college days where I burned midnight oil because I'm a last minute kinda person. That cuppa made me awake till I was done with my exams the next day, yet I did not feel tired at all! O.o

I really hate caffeine!

Here comes artistic shots, artistic okay~ LOL!! *not really*


Is coffee ever white? O.o


Ze gals! =)


Ze foods that we shared together.

Nice or not my pictures? Courtesy of Jackie who lent me his camera for two weeks!! RAWR! thank you! I need to practice! And Matta Fair is near~ Go hurry and grab all the tickets if you can lol! Cause I am sure that I will get 2 if not 1 very good deal for my trip planned with the BoyFriend =)

Happy Merdeka! =)


Jackie Loi said...

will b nicer if u shoot wif flash :P

Victoria said...

Eh how you know I use ur konkon? LOLL!!
It was at night and I din't want to like bring itu big back and later got perompak see or what so I din bring itu flash lo~

I kind alike this old yellowish thingie feel wtf hahaha but i'm still learning.
I bring out also cause I wanna learn to take pic in darker places

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