Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cupid Couple Agency.. to be.

There are major reasons that I do not simply let others in on my private email and MSN, even if it's to friends that I might have known for years. Those that are not close will never ever get to have neither my email nor my MSN because I feel that there is no need for us to be chatting at all, be it online or offline. Hi Bye would be best, for all I care. Why? Cause I don't think I need you, cause I don't think you're sane enough, cause I don't think you're atas enough etc etc. If I continue on then sure many will feel it then they don't want to be friends with me anymore wtf.

I'vf got a lot of seniors that somehow they got my private email and MSN. Must be some bitches who let them out... I don't know la cause I still feel so pawned, I not only feel like killing a cat, I feel like killing myself. Let's see the chat log.


Please click on it to see it .
No comment. I still feel pawned.
No mood to ramble also. Fucking lifeless humans.

You all think I Cupid Agency har? So I should start charging right? Yes, I should.


Samantha Kong said...

These people too desperate for companionship so need to ask help from you. LOL~

Victoria said...

Samantha: they are already in but this third party wanna help the girl to know more about the guy. The girl and guy knew each other FROM Facebook wtf.

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