Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Guess That You Will Never

I know! I am trying to update my blog daily. With stuffs that you don't really want to know but still would want to read so that you can bitch talk about me later on, behind my back, with someone I probably don't have in my list of friends. So that the bitch talk will not come back to me, but shit happens, somehow, I got the bitchings. All of it. Yea, YOU!

Some people just never learn.
Some people can never accept others who are better.
Some people are so hot headed, they blow up on the pettiest thing ever.
Some people are so self concerned that they never try to open up themselves, instead they bitch fight back to self defense their "rights"

Was that someone, trying to change now =D

Guessed that you will never hear me say this, but I'm currently into spectacle's fashion and am ditching contact lenses for quite sometime, hopefully. Especially the blogshop lenses. My eyes somehow hates them now.


So the other day, when my eyes got really swollen and watery and shits, I gave in and went to the nearest optical shop. Selected my glasses, got my eyes checked and woah, degree increased! No wonder I don't feel that I can see everything when I decked on my lower degree lenses Lol!

I miss my cosmetic lens!
I still look weird with spectacles one but I cant risk it because I only have one pair of eyes. If I ever got blind, how? lol!
Yup, just a little update =D


ken said...

i cant never update my blog daily.. lol.. =)

Amanda Janelle Quah said...

ehh u look cute with glasses. haha. younger la. n more kid lk.

FeeQ said...

u looks matured w spec XP

Victoria said...

Ken: I know right! It's just soooo hard to do this daily update! But do come back yea,I WILL(hopefully) update everyday!

Amanda & Feeq: ehh you both very the contradicting ar!But I have to agree with Feeq, I do look much more matured with specs on *pobre*

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