Monday, August 16, 2010

Tokyo Gay Pride Parade 2010

My usual readers/visitors would know that I will not blog about anything that is racist or sexist. Rants, yes. But not about religion/sex/race/skin color~
I followed this Tokyo fashion blog named mainly because I still feel Japanese and I would love to update myself on what's happening back there *hearts*


The Tokyo Gay Pride Parade started in 2007 and it received a very welcoming celebration, either by the gays or the straights or women and so this festival happens annually. This year around, it's held at Shibuya.

"At around 3:00 p.m., attention turned from the stage and booth area to the parade. According to the organizers, more than five thousand people were expected to participate in this year’s Tokyo Gay Pride Parade. We didn’t count all of them ourselves, but the parade seemed bigger than the 2007 parade. This year’s parade route wound its way down Shibuya Koen Dori, turned left at Parco, left again at Meiji Dori, then went all the way down to Omotesando Dori and finally turned left toward the starting point near Yoyogi Park."

Personally, I love gays. They made great friends, as long as we can accept them just as the way they are. I mean, it's just an internal messed up genes and a purely true feeling about how and what they feel with girls and guys.


Some people call them faggots but can we all give credit to this "faggots" for showing the world how they really feel and how they long for the world to accept them.. Anyways, if you don't accept the way they are, they are already happy. Unlike some straight that goes around finding for love and acceptance among different sex.


Though I would say that some of them are a bit confused of the stage that they are at. The above guy looked like he is more into cosplay then to dress up like a lady/women.
I would like to side guys now~
If it weren't for bitches that thinks that they can go around fooling guys, I bet the percentage on gays in the world will not increased as much as the percentage of lesbians.
Same goes to the guys~ I can't even decide who to side on wtf I think I will be neutral wtf ...

Lady GaGa
even I don't think I can strut around with killer heels as such and not tripped on my face


Can you all see how supportive everyone is??! I wish Malaysia is half as supportive as this people ar, half~ separuh would be more than enough to make our country a better one to live in *why I sound so patriotic? wtf*
I like the pink furry thing though! And I cannot make out whether the pink furry with fishnet is a guy or a girl wtf, sometimes I think all typical Japanese looks just the same. Be it guy or girl, FTL

Now this is one hot hunk!
I don't think I will be able to see a rainbow with the pure child like mentality ever again, ever. LOL!

Everyone has their own rights, be it at choosing their partner or choosing what & how they wanna appear as in the public. Who are we to judge right?
Yes, gossip is judging. I gossip = I judge too but then again, aren't we all humans? =)


The pictures in this post, are all entirely by and only the thoughts here are from Voice of Expression.
Love me hate me, I don't care but I'm a gay person =)


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