Monday, August 16, 2010


Yup, I'm converted and no, I am not ditching Voice of Expression. I'm just gonna be so much more efficient and am going to manage my and as well as my new tumblr, which is at
Easy as that. I think I'm gonna brand myself with theagapevox. Because that is also my twitter handle, so yup, follow me =)

I just got this started and am still getting a hold of how things works there, on what/whom should I follow because I don't want junks or anythings that goes fuckyeah (=.=), considering to make it my more "girly" kinda blog platform though. Meaning, more to fashion and mostly my own face wtf LOL!
Animals? Cute quotes? Techy? I don't know, yet, really. But I think I will love it.

September is going to be so much fun!
Marching into the September month, I will be watching StepUp 3 with the rest of my friends one day before the release. On the 1st of September, I am having tickets to Cats & Dogs(is that the title?Cant remember), a pair, but Baby can't make it so who wanna date me?? =D Guys and girls allowed LOL!
Then there's Fragrance Fair, Matta Fair...
Lo and behold, Christmas! Ftw, time passes way too fast and I'm missing college already. Not that much but still~ =)

And people, remember! There is a HA event coming up in the month of September, on the 18th and you all can click here, here, here or here and see how you can get yourselves tickets to Hennessy Artistry!


Jiamin said...

LOL! The "here, here, here or here" is actually one link only right? XDDD By the way, where did you get the news about what fair is coming?

Victoria said...

Lol! Smart girl...
I'm the one initiating? Lol~
And people giving me chance to be part of it as well.. So stay close to my blog kay as i blog just about any shits xD

Jiamin said...

LOL! Thank you for praising me. NYAHAHA! XDDD

Yeap! Sure! I like reading your blog as well. :D

Victoria said...

Lol! Hmm, sometimes my blog a bit bitchy one FML

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