Sunday, August 22, 2010

Needs Self Improvement


Oh Hai! Happy to be greeted with this dumb face of mine? =D I hope you do cause I laughed every time I sign in here now Lol! My week was awesome cause I got loads to do which is what I wanted, and the one week time felt like it was only 2 days, then wham(!) it's Saturday and I'm in his arms again <3.


I got fatter, really. Life treating me good as I had just indirectly mentioned. Way too kind that it stays at my chubby face, big tummy, pokoknya, I'm super out of shape now. RAWR! Needs to swim...


My hair grew longer and it's at this love and hate stage again. This was taken on a nice hair day as it was quite fluf up. That is the current hair color, not ugly yet, soon to be probably in one month time(?)


And I went a bit over with the nail colors. Everyone who sees it, asked of it. Colleagues, KTM boarders, the Boyfy.. my mum(?) LOL!!! I feel chirpy thus the colorful nails, can't I be chirpy and act weird for once?
Not that this is the first time la~ LOL!!

Note, all pictures are taken on different days, it's just that I ONLY wear black color clothes EVERY DAY to work! xD
I know, very bad omen or something during this period of the "month", eh but I don't care... Black is love! Black makes me thin *truth revealed* *pobre*


X and O to everyone, hopefully no Monday blues okay?
I doubt so *pobre*
I only say "I love you" to one person for now,

Yeah, you, I love you. See you on Wednesday! =)


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