Monday, August 9, 2010

Sa Sa's First Bloggers' Tea Session

Woke up today promising myself and my own blog that I will update as prompt as possible. I got so much I want to blog about but everything end up in the draft!

On the 6th of August, Sa Sa held a all blogger's tea session @ Marc Residence's Delicious.

Was there as early as 12.30 ish to get ready for the 2.45 ish event. This is my first work up and man, was I beat up! Lol! Talking about lack of stamina *darks*



Seriously, up to this point, where were all the guys har? Lol! All chilling and having pizzas? =P

I really really love the idea of open space, differentiated by panels of clear glass windows. Almost sound proof. And never would I thought of saying this, for once, white looks lovely and I might just fall in love with this color after all! =)

The goodie goodie "almost unbelievable" bags!
You all should go read and on their amazement regarding the goodies that they got in the small polka dotted bag! I got none though, I kuli for the day wtf Loll!


Some of the products that were on our Experience Table =)

Tadah! table of goodies! And bloggers can unashamedly try on everything that is on the table prepared my colleague.

Admist being busy, I'd manage to grab a picture with one of the model for the day which is also my colleague! Lol!

Mark, who got me in this company (I less than three you!), YY and Angeline, who are the girls who helped us out at the experience table. Ini dua ialah Jie Jie! Lol!

Our very own Bernice Liu! Hahahaha!
All who says so, say AYY!! =)

All in all, I really learnt a lot about event planning and I should be more appreciative when I am invited to other events as I now know your pain in planning and trying to accommodate to EVERYONE(probably 1k guests).
I need to layan 30 guest also I feel tired, please think about those that plans for clubbing events! Things will anyhow and any time go out of hands, eg fights, smelly drunkards that needs bulky guys to drag em out, crazy bitches that's drunk and wants to do strip tease and etc etc, sekian Lol!

I will be more appreciative and not go "Eh! one bottle only? Alarh why so stingy poker?"
Cause I want no one to say those behind my backs as well =)
I really hope that the rest of the crowds enjoyed the event and enjoyed mingling among themselves! =D Cause I really did, being able to meet up a different genre of bloggers! It's mind boggling to think of topics to relate too Lol!

More to come more to come! Pinky promise!


FeeQ said...

Great job! That day awesome!

Victoria said...

Feeq: wheee!! thank god you all enjoyed it =D

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