Monday, August 9, 2010

His Life Time Saving

Honestly speaking, I'm kinda bored with the usual camwhoring and am trying to take more videos than to er take self shots. I realized that videos makes me feel more entertained than to stare at pictures. If pictures nice then okay laa~ but some people love to take other's WTF shots LOL! A bit the turn off =(

We got bored and we started counting on his life time saving on coins Lol!
And being the jakun me, I did not know that we don't need to go to the counter to bank in your coins! LOL!
Slap me please for being a blonde =P


FeeQ said...

haha so cute... what bank it is? maybank dont have kan? T.T

Victoria said...

Feeq, we were at Alliance bank. I don't think public nor Maybank has this kind of machine weh~

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