Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tumblr-ing My Blogspot

Since I got a Blackberry which has pretty good and clear 2 mega pixel camera, I have been snapping and snapping away at the weirdest/oddest/normal things that caught attention to my eyes! So I have loads of pictures that I want to show but I seriously swear that this pictures are non related, and I have no idea how to caption & relate them! xD

I guess I shall caption them on what happened and what makes me saw/see them.
Seriously, I need to brush up my English & Grammar =s Been a little rusty since I ended high school Lol!

Crazy things that I get daily.
On the left is supposingly a laxative-equivalent biscuit. You consume then you can go toilet nicely
And on the right hand side would be the F Cup! I know right! I'm on the road of nirvana to enlarge my barely-there breast! LOL!

This is my entrance/tit/office card, what ever you all call it kay~
So today too bored and something happened, made me turned this card up side down and let some light passes through it and it amazes me! I know, I'm blonde *darks*
Cool right! Btw, I "D"-ed my Physics so yea, I know nothing about this.

I saw really damn a lot of car plates with the number 8888 today! I think 5 - 6 cars? Al the way back from Maluri to Cheras! How lucky! I think I'm gonna strike a lottery soon~ =P
I hope right? DAMN STRAIGHT! =)

I still have one more picture to show all of you! See! I should really either make my blogspot a look-alike Tumblr or I might as well just TUmblr and stop blogspot-ing right?

Tadah! The new lens that I talked about previously. REALLY expensive but I think my eyes are priceless(?) so I might as well get this and use them rather than risking my eyes to cheap lens, right?
Damn right! And yes, it's by Giordano. Don't ask me why because I don't know why! =P


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