Sunday, August 8, 2010

So Many

Finally I have my own time to sit down and check what ever I want to and to blog what ever I want to. Been so busy for the past few days, I can't even get a peaceful sleep. Yup, my eye bags are so dark they don't need eyeliner wtf.

Okay I don't even have the energy to go take the camera and definitely no strength to upload pictures and edit them and then host them and then post them up here and then caption them. NO STRENGTH, TOO TIRED, CAN DAI!

Upcoming*hopefully soon* will be on my very first event with Sa Sa! *woohooo*
Then I have products to give away to bloggers! =) Stay tune to get some Beautyfoot loving!
After that only I will slot in my personal life post.

Neh~ Might just jumble up everything and post whatever I like first teehee! =)


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