Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Hate Bus Drivers

But I really need them to chauffeur me around because I have no license and I have got no car but I really hate them! How?
The sudden random start is because I would need to take one bus everyday to my working place after mummy dropped me off half way of my journey. It takes me around 10 minutes, at first, to wait for this bus. After a month plus, it now takes me 20 - 30 minutes for one bus to arrive!

The busing system in this area is so poor although it covers only like 6 km ish of distance and it goes round and round the taman and it's not meant to bring passengers to town. Seriously, how jammed up can a housing area be, right?? If your housing area jams up like hell, then FYL seriously. Because my own housing area really jams like hell during peak season, FML I know.

Back to the bus driver.
I do not hate the bus companies but I really hate their system and their nonchalant attitude at hiring their people. Not being bias nor age-ist, I seriously think that there are some jobs that are suitable for some age group, eg being a beauty consultant needs you to be fairly young (or at least young looking laa) and not someone whom you can see thousands of wrinkles from a distance! Not every job is suitable for EVERYONE, like right!
Before I go any further insulting all the old/elderly people...back to the bus driver.

Well duh, he is old. And very touchy. He wouldn't let you slip your notes into the "supposingly for you to put your notes" box, he would grab the notes out of your hands and OBVIOUSLY touching the hand! Just when I thought that I was over reacting, I realized some of the passengers were whispering to each other on the same matter. That was first.
Then on the another day where I "got lucky" that he was the bus driver again, he did the same thing. I snapped at him. Real loud. With a bus full of people inside waiting for the bus to move and a couple more behind me waiting to board the bus.
"Can't you just let me put it in myself and you stop being innocent and go grabbing everyone's hands!"
That was the last straw. And every time he sees me, he squirms back and just handed me the ticket.

That was him being touchy. Let's go to him being sleepy and was dozing off WHILE driving and swayed like shit. Owh wait, too lengthy right? Let's watch a video shall we?

Sorry for the bad quality. It looks fine on my Blackberry though Lol! But it turns out like this when I edited and upload it on Youtube.
Any inquiries please leave a comment in the comment box below! =)
I am gonna hate bus driver till death do us part wtf


loohan said...
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loohan said...

Sial punya miang punya bus driver!
But that was very brave of you to speak out against him! I'd strongly recommend you to complain against him to RapidKL so they know about their unprofessional bus drivers..

Anyhow, I think only that certain age group of people would drive bus all around town lor... what did you expect? Hot young dudes to hold your hands?? LOLS~

Ronnie said...

agree with loohan.. u should lodge a complaint... some more now Bulan Ramadan !

anyway...maybe the bus driver not sleepy... he rocks with the music !!

Victoria said...

Loohan and Roonie, I have thought about the lodging complain thing. but heres the thing, he is their "people" and this is only a small area. the most they can do is to give him a warning, thats all.

Worst is, you might not even get a reply from the Rapid people, they can say they puasa time, very busy wtf

I dun want any one to touch my hands la loohan wtf hahahahahahah

loohan said...

haha..maybe you are right about their "people"..but never try, never know.. and i was just joking bout the hand larr..haha :P

Anonymous said...

dont take bus then..

Victoria said...

Anonymous, I don't know whether you don't get the first few sentence or you're just being irritating but thanks for the comment anyways. Would appreciate it if you're not anonymous, might can be best friends =) Cheerios

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