Thursday, August 5, 2010

What Distance I’d Go for My Other Half

Being a sarcastic and narcissistic that I am, never would I have dream that the guy whom I will sing "You're The Only Exception" is a guy whom I met through blogging.
Yes, online. Yes, on Innit. Yes, now my other half =)


There are a lot of misunderstanding and a lot of perseverance being in this relationship with Samuel. Mainly because I am used to having my other half staying really nearby where an SMS and a 5 minutes drive is all it takes to be right by my side. With Samuel, I'd have to find my own solution like hugging onto something that he gave me when I am sad/missing him/needed him by my side. It was really tough in the first 2 months. I'd go as far as to change my "bad habits" of being too clinging and within this 9 month's(and still going on)relationship, it kinda changed me to being more independent.

Notice on the timing, we text and replies promptly (unless either one is busy)

It's not that we do not SMS at all or seldom, we messaged each other like so much that sometimes my finger aches. There are at times when we really have got nothing to say when we see each other face to face because we have told it all through texting, MSN-ing Lol! I'd go as far as reloding my phone all the time just so that I will have credit whenever he messages me.

If you see it in my way, this relationship is a cute one (lol) because we set a day in a week to meet up so that we could cuddle in each other's arms after a long week. Somehow or rather, we chose Saturday as "our day". So as Samuel says, "Saturday is Vic's day" whenever his friends asked him out for a drinking session on a Saturday. He'd go as far as that to decline the offer.
As he stays in Subang and me in Cheras, I'd go as far as to take the public transports from Cheras to Subang Jaya. On his half, he'd go as far as sending me back home to Cheras and it would always be late at night. He did not even grumble even when he is dead tired. *thanks bie I'd appreciated it A LOT*

I'd go as far as to make this. I suck at it because I don't know how! Lol! Please accept this humble video *does the Japanese bow*


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