Sunday, August 15, 2010


My title made me sound like I just got 5 grades dumber, partly due to the awesome weekend that I had. Would anyone agree with me that, Monday & Tuesdays are to dread for, Wednesday is when you got used to the working week, Thursday is when you can't decide to be happy(because the weekday is gonna end) or sad (because it's soo near weekend but you're still stuck with one day before the weekend). And you just go ecstatic when it's Friday, Lol!

Then sulk your whole Sunday away because it's gonna be OSIM, all over again. What is life, like seriously~

Finally I get to shisha with the pineapple toping with Jessica and Samuel!

Woke up the next morning and headed to TM Point so that Samuel can change his Streamyx to this new package called UniFi. Supposingly cheaper and more affordable and are meant for Uni students.


There weren't many people around there but we got number 1080 and the number on the counter was only 1054 when we got our number, FOL.
I got bored of waiting, duh~


Waited and waited and waited and kept watching their advertisement on the small television, I got annoyed by the naughty kids there and swore that I would never have my kids to be this naughty, and we waited some more ...


I can't be sure whether is he photobombing again or is he annoyed due to the long wait lol. After all, he just woke up and we have to rush to the TM Point already.

Then finally I satiated my longings to eat buffet. Don't care whether it's Chinese style steamboat buffet or Japanese style BBQ buffet, as long as it's buffet wtf. I had the Chinese Steamboat buffet with my Taylor friends and lecturers and with love, of course

That concludes my lazy weekend post as I'm now slurping on my McD coke, thinking whether should I go to sleep or to watch Youtube.
*decisions decisions*


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