Friday, August 20, 2010

Charice ft Iyaz - Pyramid & Ke$ha - Goodbye

This week might just be the most stressful week I have ever experience compared to the past month, a lot of plans to plan, events to go to which also leads to the need to organized everything so that nothing clashes and I'm very bad at organizing my things.. Sure there will be some clashing =(
Till now, it's all okay!

The songs that I am currently tuning into every time I'm online are the two titles above. The first one by Charice Pempengo, I'm pretty sure that EVERYONE knows about her, and Iyaz, come on,either you're too chinese or you're just living under the shell.

Got this off Youtube and from the profile of WeLuvBabyDengue. This song makes my hair stand! She's got such good and powerful voice! I want~ badly.

I'm sure everyone knows Ke$ha and she'd probably brand herself as a sluttish singer or a singer who appears sluttishly or a singer who sings and sounds like a slut... You name em'
But have you heard her "Goodbye"? It's damn awesome~ A different side of her I must say and I'm beginning to like her more now.

And it's really easy to sing too. Unlike all her other songs, you'd need to have the super drunk and sluttish voice to be able to sing and sound half as good as her Blah Blah Blah, Tik Tok and Your Love Is My Drug.

Ahhh~ I'm still working and I want to make sure everything is in place and hopefully no "shit happens" kinda scenerio. I hate being a Virgo sometimes because we are too perfectionist! It's tiring to be one actually...

*continues works*


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