Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ice Room @ Taman Shamelin

Pretty prep places that serves(at least)delicious looking food always wins my heart compared to food stalls along the road side. Yes, those at the roadside might taste mighty more delicious compare to pretty prep places but won't you all double stare at a beautifully decorated restaurant but just glances at mamak stalls along the road?
Oh c'mon, spill ze beans ya all~ *winks*

Being at my working area, it sucks that you don't drive. I have come to an understanding with myself that reheated food taste as good as fresh cooked food. And eating microwave food everyday might just lead you to cancer...Owwhhh~~ greatt~ just greatt *darks*


Today's lunch is Ice Room! By the name of it, you already can guess what were we craving for =)
Ice ice babeh~ Loll! I can so only do this kinda shit when I'm with my Mei Mei, Sarah! Yes, Sarah is working with me now! Temporary~ And when she goes and my partner goes, I'm gonna be all alone! *cries*



Don't you feel like ordering the menu out and pigging out on all the ices??! I DO!
It took us like 10 minutes to decide on which ice to order and share, what to have for lunch, in betweens are filled with awesome gossip&bimbo talks&shiok sendiri moments. xD

Ahh.. I love her. Have to say, my best babes among all the babes I have. She's the most emo one, the most princess, the most independent, the most manja one, the tallest among all babes, the closest to me, the one who understands what i think, the one who always craved the same thing as me LOL! We must have been long lost twins right??! xD

Sarah ordered herself a big plate of spaghetti because she feels like pigging out heheh


And I ordered a Charcoal Toasted Bread which is nice but not as good as PapaRich's toasted bread. Edible, but just not as good =)
Owh, the spaghetti tasted horrible. The sauce is like er bland and shit, the noodles were sitting on a puddle of water but credits to the humongous portion and their willingness to give us a bowl of cheese powder.
They called it cheese powder! LOL!

Here is the ice of the day!

Passion *something* Strawberry *something*
And that is why no one has ever asked me to go for a food review! Lol
I really sark at remembering names, be it human's, food's, places etc.

And yes, my diet planned for today failed! to the max..
another long day tomorrow RAWR!! But there will be a movie screening tomorrow =)


FeeQ said...

Nice.. hehe i went their Nilai branch as well XD

Victoria said...

Feeq:: they are new is it? cause got ice room at my area aso and I dun even know about it! Lol
Snowflakes abit overrated and i find ice room better =D

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